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Indigenous Multi Role Helicopter (IMRH)

HAL has requested the Government for permissions to go ahead on the 'risk sharing' model to develop an Indigenous Multi Role Helicopter (IMRH). The IMRH plan, project costs is expected to be worth Rs 10000 Crores and will have several unique aspects, including a design that will allow it to operate with two different engines...
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US-India Defence Deals in Pipeline

India's defence purchases from the United States have reached USD 17 Billion since 2007 from surveillance planes to Apache and Chinook helicopters, as proof of India's willingness to tighten strategic ties and indication of pivoting away from traditional supplier Russia. These soon-to-be-inked deals will take the total value of Indian defence contracts bagged...

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EoI for development of indigenous ATGM

An EoI has been issued by Indian Army for third generation Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM) from the Indian industry to replace Milan and Konours missiles that are currently in service. The project is under the Indigenous Designed and Manufactured (IDDM) category with minimum of 40% indigenous content (IC). The Army has assured order...

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Boeing to offer F-15EX fighter to IAF

Boeing is considering offering its F-15EX fighter to the Indian Air Force for Multi Role Fighter Aircraft (MRFA) program. The company has recently sought an export license for India for the F-15EX, the latest variant of the F-15E Strike Eagle multi-role fighter. Previously, the Request for Information (RFI) was issued by the IAF...

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Reliance fails to deliver NPOVs

The Government has issued a show-cause notice to debt-ridden Reliance Naval and Engineering Limited (R-Naval) for its failure to deliver five Naval Offshore Patrol Vessels (NPOVs) under an Rs 2500 Crores deal and has encashed all its different bank guarantees worth around Rs 980 Crores. Defence ministry inked contract in May 2011, for...

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OFB likely to get order for ATHOS 155 mm/52 howitzers

The Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) is likely to get order from Ministry of Defence for production of 1180 Autonomous Towed Howitzer Ordnance System (ATHOS) 155 mm/52 calibre towed artillery gun system. Gun Carriage Factory (GCF) Jabalpur will be production agency with transfer of technology (ToT) agreement with Israel is in advance stage of...

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IGLA-S system from Russia

Russia is aiming to seal a multi-billion-dollar missile deal of IGLA-S system, a Very Short-Range Air Defence Missile System (VSHORADS), for 800 launchers and over 5000 missiles before Prime Minister’s visit to Moscow in May 2020. These missiles are meant to counter low-flying aircraft as the last line of defence against flying objects...

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Indian Army to procure ammunition for Guns, Tanks

India Army has recently signed 39 contracts to procure ammunition for the Guns and Tanks which include the Excalibur precision-guided shells for all its 155 mm guns, the Spike Anti-Tank Missiles and fuses. In 2017, a CAG report had highlighted that the stock of 61 types of ammunition out of the 152 types...

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Army issues EoI for 125 mm FSAPDS Ammunition

The Indian Army has recently invited an Expression of Interest (EoI) from Indian vendors for the development of 125 mm Armour Piercing Fin-Stabilised Discarding Sabot (APFSDS) ammunition to be fired from the T-72 and T-90 battle tanks, which can penetrate a 530 mm thick armour from a 2 km range against the present in-service ammunition...
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Indigenous Aircraft Carrier- INS Vishal

The UK is eager to assist the Indian Navy with designing and building its second Indigenous Aircraft Carrier, INS Vishal. The Indian Navy wants INS Vishal to be a 65,000 tonne carrier with an all-electric propulsion system – both features that are common with the Royal Navy’s two new aircraft carriers: Her Majesty’s...

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