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Army Make-II Projects 2019

MSMEs across the globe have in many ways been the drivers of change and innovative solutions. Make-II projects are ideal for engaging the Industry, MSMEs and start-ups into the defence manufacturing ecosystem.

Indian Army organised a seminar on its Make-II Projects  2019 on 11...

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Standard Contract Document Needs a Relook


Number of problems and disputes that arise from the terms of the contracts signed on the lines of the prescribed Standard Contract Document (SCD) given in DPP can be prevented if MoD can come up with a more effective pre-arbitration dispute resolution mechanism. The...

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OFB Corporatization: Boost or Bane?

Most of the Committees set up on improving the performance of Ordnance Factories in the past brought out the main consequences of monopoly and suggested remedial measures through Corporatization. However, the successive governments lacked the political will and courage. The nation will...

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Defence Offset: Gaining Momentum

The recent initiative by Department of Defence Production, launch of an online portal the 'dashboard' to help in effective tracking of various initiatives and schemes. The site provides statistics for activities including defence offsets, defence production, exports etc. The data on defence offsets reveals a momentum...
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Web Portal on Offset Contract Management Process

The Defence Offset Management Wing (DOMW) - a division of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Department of Defence Production (DDP) has launched the end-to-end Web Portal digitizing and automating the Offset Contract Management process. The portal will ensure that the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) can...

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