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Tangible Results Under DTTI

The role of DTTI in developing new areas of technology cooperation in the defence sector through co-development and co-production assumes significance. However, it is yet yield any significant tangible results for the Defence Forces.

Defence cooperation between the United States (US) and...

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Nomination Prevails Despite Rhetoric

By Cdr. Vikram Moorjani (Retd.)

Nomination of DRDO by DAC for designing and developing an indigenous Light Weight Electronic Warfare System for Mountains, despite evidence of development of such system by Private sector is not in tune with Government declared policy. The Author analyses this issue.

It has been a known...

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Adoption of Niche Technology: Need of the Hour

New technologies will determine how future warfare are fought and won. Need of the hour is the identification and development of niche technologies which should not only be need -based but affordable as well.

The strategic nature of threats has highlighted the...

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Equipping Futuristic Infantry Soldier

Infantry modernization is long overdue and needs to be fast-forwarded.  The reasons attributed is most exclusively because of the preferential treatment given to the DRDO which come out with tall claims without in-depth study and thus unable to design and develop weapons/technologies on...

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