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Dawning of the Counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs) Market

UAVs/Drones are increasingly being used across both military and civil/commercial sectors owing to their various capabilities, the major ones being that they can be used for surveillance, monitoring and acquiring visual imagery swiftly coupled with getting into places where persons cannot reach. However,...

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Indigenous Naval Shipbuilding Capability


With the Navy looking forward to induction of various new Naval vessels in coming years in order to keep the dipping operational efficiency at desirable level, it has become imperative for the Government to involve the private sector shipyards and to put a stop...

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Upgrading Transmission Drive- Infantry Combat Vehicles


Brig Ashish Bhattacharyya (Retd.)

In present context mobility, survivability and cost, innovative and disruptive solutions are necessary to ensure the operational viability of the next generation of Armoured Fighting Vehicles. The author elaborates as to how improvements in Electric motors technology (Traction Motors), regenerative technology and Energy Storage Devices can...

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Product Liability in Defence Production

The issue of accountability and product liability in defence production and the resultant consequences impacting the defence preparedness and morale need to be viewed in larger perspective.

The monopoly of DPSU and OFB in defense production has been recently in news for all...

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Changing Contours of Internal Security

By Team Q-Tech

The Contours of Internal Security are getting more complex and some of the factors are undesirable developments, which have a grave potential and biggest concern directly affecting national security.

The Challenge

The contours of Internal Security are getting more complex with exploitation of...

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Need for Focusing on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a transformative technology that has tremendous applications in the social, economic and military fields. The advances in AI provide impetus to India to make AI a critical element of India's National Security Strategy.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has numerous futuristic applications...

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

UAVs are becoming increasingly sophisticated and intelligent, being a major force multiplier with no risk to human life are going to dominate the future battles. The article dwells upon their military uses, Indian perceived requirements, future developments, and how India can promote its defence industry and...
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The  power of a nation lies in technological edge in almost all domains including defence Technology.  The concerted and continuous  development efforts will bring  concomitant strategic buoyancy in economic growth and  ward off  the inimical influences.

It is a historically proven fact that the  power of...

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Artificial Intelligence in Defence Sector

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is a transformative technology that has tremendous applications in the social, economic and military fields. Reports of task force on AI in defence include recommendations include policy and institutional interventions that are required to regulate and encourage a robust AI based technologies for...
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Draft: Defence Product List Licensing Authority wise and act-wise

The MoD has issued a draft amended product list and sought input from industry.
Department of Defence Production has formulated the draft Defence Production Policy 2018, which aims to liberalize the licensing process for defence industries and further reviewed and pruned the list of items requiring license in...
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