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Precision Guided Kit (PGK): Affordable Precision for Conventional Artillery

PGK technology is state-of-the-art and provides a first-of-its-kind capability. The realization of an affordable precision solution will have the potential to change the indirect fire paradigm, and the technology embedded in PGK will change the way fire missions are planned and executed.

Future wars are going to be short, swift & decisive....

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Indian Army’s Artillery Modernization Programme

The hiccups in the procurement process and cancellation of numerous tenders in past owing to issues of  alleged irregularities,  have severely affected the artillery inventory.  In the backdrop  author highlights some initiatives from Indian Industry.

Indian Army's artillery modernization programme has been a saga of numerous issued and cancelled tenders owing to issues of...

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Cyber today pervades all important spheres including Defence  and forms fifth dimension of warfare after land, sea, air and space. The author highlights the relevance and need in our context.

Introduction The exponential growth of technology and the ubiquitous internet medium with relative openness and low barriers of entry, which made...

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Creating Capabilities 155 mm MGS from Tata Power SED

TPSED developed 155 mm MGS indigenous system is one of the finest example of the private sector initiative to build indigenous capability and achieving self reliance through own innovative efforts without Govt funding. The system been dynamically tested to confirm the internal ballastic parameters, efficacy of all systems of the gun and structural...

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Soldier Modernization Plan

The Indian Army intends to modernize its 365 Infantry battalions with the F-INSAS (Futuristic Infantry Soldier As a System), as part of Soldier Modernization Plan. This is set to revolutionize the infantry warfare and will allow India to enter a select club of nations experimenting on Soldier Modernization Plan (SMP)....

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Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

Defence ProAc interaction with Mr Henriksen Espen President Kongsberg Protech Systems during his visit to India in Dec 13. Excerpts

Defence ProAc (DPA) -. Kongsberg is a renowned name the world over. When and how did Kongsberg decided to enter the Indian Defense market?

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Ancillary to an OEM – MANROY Engineering Journey

Manroy Engineering is a success story from an ancillary to an OEM and a classic case study of what Indian SMEs can aspire and follow

Manroy Engineering UK will be participating in DEFEXPO-14 and exhibiting their product range weapon system to enhance their visibility in India...

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