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Setting the Stage for OFB to Transform


Sanjeev Bhola awt, ndc

Organizational design and development is a concept which was conceived in 1950s by psychologist Kurt Lewin.  Government have taken initiatives to develop Indian Defence Industrial base and creating 7 new Defence Public Sectors (DPSUs). The...

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Improving Indian Defence Industrial Capabilities


The Indian geostrategic locations, signs of emerging  Indian economy, improving strategic relationship with developed nations, India as a regional power has to have  a  advanced technology diversified Arms portfolio for its Armed forces through technology partnership. The Author analyses...

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Private Sector in Defence: A Ray of Hope?

Government's aim to enhance domestic manufacturing through private sector participation is not backed up with orders. Therefore, an ATTITUDINAL CHANGE is a need of the hour. The Author discusses number of issues which are peculiar to defence industrial sector and pose challenge to...

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Achieving Self Reliance: Still A Long Way To Go

Self Reliance in Defence sector is the need of the hour as it holds vital importance for both strategic and economic reasons for any country. However, India has not been able to achieve the same despite tall claims by the Government-owned production units, hence,...

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Def Expo-2018: Some Glimpse

In the recent past DEFEXPOs has become a political tool rather than its intended purpose. In the recently held DEFEXPO at Chennai the participation and footfall from the stake holder from industry was luke warm. However for the local residents of Chennai, region it was a life time...
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Kent Periscopes is a leading international designer, manufacturer and supplier of unity vision periscopes,  vehicle sights and defence related equipment for armoured fighting vehicles such as main battle tanks and armoured personnel carriers.

In July 2016, Kent Periscopes became part of the Gooch & Housego (G&H) group of companies. The acquisition is...

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ZEN Technologies Limited: LEADING BY EXAMPLE

Zen Technologies Limited is a leader in indigenous designing, development and manufacturing various types of state-of-the-art Simulators for training in Weapon systems. The company is a shining example of Indian Private sector in defence production. Besides excellence in their domain Zen has set...

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Militaries all over the world are in the process of upgrading their ageing land platforms due continually evolving technologically advanced threats. Anti-tank mines and IEDs have become the weapon of choice in recent years, resulting to the urgent need of APC and other armoured vehicles with enhanced protection. APC and Infantry Fighting Vehicles...

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The latest decision of MOD relating to release of 87 items so far being produced by the Ordnance Factories, for MSME sector, will definitely improve the operational efficiency of expenditure. Additionally, it will support the Indian MSME's participation in defence production.


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