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Industrial Licences (ILs) List Filed For September – November 2016

[table td1="Application No." td2="Date" td3="Name of The Applicant" td4="Item of Manufacture"] [td1] 88 [/td1] [td2]  14/09/2016[/td2] [td3] M/s EHES, a unit of Essar - Project(I) Ltd. [/td3]  [td4] Manufacture of Nuclear Reactors, Except Isotope Separators   [/td4] [td1] 89 [/td1] [td2] 15/09/2016[/td2] [td3] M/s Ideal Industrial Explosives Ltd Unit II [/td3]  [td4] Manufacturing of S.M.E /S.M.S Explosives      [/td4] [td1]...
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In order to keep the Armed Forces fully prepared for war, men and machine of the three Services need to be kept in highest state of battle readiness all the time. While the machines can be kept battle ready by regular and proper upkeep, care, repair and maintenance, men need to train hard...

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The global Aircraft MRO is a multi-billion dollar industry growing at a robust rate year-on-year, however the Indian market is yet to catch up. The author explains the estimated market size from the MRO and its market segmentation…

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) includes all actions which have the objective of retaining...

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Contemporary Technology Development is a Joint Responsibility

Need for participation of all stake holders in product innovation and upgrades.

It has been customary to condemn or criticise the indigenously developed product and technology for variety of reasons and from different quarters having their own interest in mind. Recently, the  known quality problems with 5.56mm INSAS rifle designed & developed...

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Leveraging Technology to Provide Combat Overmatch —ATK

Defence ProAc Deputy Editor Ritika Behal interacted with Jeff Janey Vice President Strategy and business development (ATK). Some excerpts-

Defence ProAc (DPA)- ATK is relatively new entrant in Indian Defence segment, can you please throw some light on brief background and main groups in ATK?

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Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

Defence ProAc interaction with Mr Henriksen Espen President Kongsberg Protech Systems during his visit to India in Dec 13. Excerpts

Defence ProAc (DPA) -. Kongsberg is a renowned name the world over. When and how did Kongsberg decided to enter the Indian Defense market?

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