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Strategic Partnership and DPSU

The “Strategic Partnership Model” was meant for creating capacity in the private sector over and above the capacity and infrastructure that exists in the DPSUs. However subsequent tweaking of the SP provisions made gateway for DPSU entry, despite their overloaded order books and poor...

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Procurement of S-400 Triumf and US Reaction

The veiled threats of US sanctions just for own self interest without any past record of proven  credentials on geopolitics or Technology transfer have serious implications for future relationship.  India has to guard its own interests to meet the national security requirement and pursue...

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Defence Offset – Way Forward

The Defence Offset policy has not been able to achieve the desired objectives, despite being in operations over a decade. The draft Offset guidelines circulated in May 2018 are yet to be formally approved and formalised.  Department of Defence Production has been seeking industry suggestions through...

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Reducing Import through Make in India Defence

The recent report of SIPRI placing India as the world's second largest importer of Arms, after having been on the top slot for last 8 years, is not the case to claim to Make in India defence manufacturing initiative is beginning to show results. A lot...

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Hand Holding MSME: Need of the Hour


Maj. Gen. Asit Mehta (Retd.)

The MSME sector in India is poised to make a deep impact on the defence manufacturing in India, providing a wide range of input requirements to the defense industry and even directly to the Users. As we go along there is need to build a defence...
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Amendment to Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP)-2016

Based on the experience gained during the implementation of the DPP-2016, some additional areas of improvement in DPP were identified and approved vide MOD notes in Sep 2018 and Jan 2019, for incorporation in the DPP-2016. At the same time DG (acquisition has issued Guidelines...

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Standardizing the Small Arms Inventory

Indian Defence forces are still using the small arms based on different designs the mixed bag of design is mainly due to failure to develop own design / development capability.The design and production agencies have not been able to meet the forces huge requirement, which has...

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Self Reliance: A Pipe Dream?

India increasing share of global defence import despite rhetoric of Self Reliance is a cause of concern. A large capability gap exists in the technology and equipment held by defence forces produced indigenously vis-a vis what is needed.

Way back in early 2000, the Kelkar...

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