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Indian Defence Exports

The Indian defence industry needs to gear up for export with  investment in industrial and technological capabilities. The impediments for defence exports needs to be addressed by the Govt.

 Introduction India has one of the largest defence industries in the developing world. It consists of 41 Ordnance Factories (OFs), Nine Defence Public Sector...

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Anatomy of Defence Procurement Scams -The hype and Implications

Blacklisting/debarring OEMs has resulted in a big roadblock in procuring the best technology available, as many of the banned firms are the owners of proprietary technologies and niche systems which in most of the cases may not be available with others.

From time to time cases of corruption/kickbacks in defence deals have...

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Utilization of the Capital Acquisition Budget

The allocation for capital acquisitions is said to be invariably inadequate, but fact of the matter is,  whatever allocation is made does not get fully utilized. The author analyses the reasons....

It is ironical that the defence budget, considered grossly inadequate by many, does not get fully utilized year after year. During...

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India’s defence procurement and production policy THE WAY AHEAD

Indian transition to indegenisation has been status quo or even downward trend in many aspects. The author recommends way ahead from 'indecision and mindsets to autonomy and commitment’

India must not lose sight of its primary goal of becoming a regional power. For this, as history has proven over innumerable campaigns and...

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Request for Proposal A Crucial Stage in Acquisition Programmes

The delay in defence acquisition has apparent consequences and certainly not implausible. The conflict between 'process' and 'procedure' needs to be resolved and responsibility fixed.

It is axiomatic that the defence acquisition process in India is painfully slow. It is more deadly than the game of...

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FDI in Aerospace and Defence

Neither the government nor the Indian private sector has the risk appetite to make the investments required to build the infrastructure for the aerospace and defence sector. Cmde. Sujeet Samaddar advocates inorganic growth must be recognised as a useful tool for the growth of this sector and FDI is the...

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It is necessary to streamline and simplify the existing process of issue of IL, so that obtaining an IL is no longer a daunting task for the industry. Besides, there are also certain grey areas and issues which require clarity for the guidance of industry.


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The year saw augmentation of Nation's defence preparedness by adding new weapon systems and displayed the nation's prowess and self-reliance in advanced missile technology development programme with the successful test flight of 5000 Km range ICBM Agni-V, launching of long-range cruise missile Nirbhoy and continued successful user trials of Agni-II,...

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