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Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM)

Though India has taken the ATGM development programme and have made limited headway in some of the technologies to develop ATGM comparable with the world-class systems, however, due to limitations in some of the critical technologies the project has not fully met the defence specifications.

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Extreme Cold Climate (ECC) Clothing and Equipment Market

The Indian Army soldiers deployed on the high altitude areas are facing critical shortfall of Extreme Cold Climate (ECC) Clothing and Equipment deployed on the high altitude areas; there is a need to overcome the deficiencies at the earliest coupled with equipping the soldiers with global...
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Military Helicopter Programmes- Needs A Push

The existing fleet of the helicopters with the Indian Armed Forces is facing issues of deficiency in the inventory coupled with poor age profile of helicopters which impacts on effective operations. Though procurement programmes have been undertaken but these need to be fast tracked.

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Way Forward for Self Reliance

India at present still meets its defence requirements through imports which accounts for 60 percent of the total procurement while rest is met by ingenious manufacturing. Need of the hour is revering this ratio via developing a strong Defence Industrial Base (DIB) so that India becomes self reliant....
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Defence Import: Shifting Scenario

Despite India and Russia sharing a strong defence and bi-lateral relationship, the ties between the two countries have been drifting as India slowly and steadily have started becoming an important partner to the US. The Article throws light on shifting defence import scenario of...

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Fighter Aircraft through Strategic Partnership

Team Q-Tech

With the issue of second RFI under SP model for the Fighter Aircraft,  the Process has inched a bit. The model can build a formidable indigenous defence industry provided MoD streamlining the issues concerned with the process.

The Strategic Partnership policy is laying down the qualification criteria with the financial and...

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

By Team Q-Tech

The UAV ecosystem is an excellent force multiplier and brings the synergy between the three Services to optimise their employment. It has been undergoing revolutionary innovations. Unmanned Aircraft Systems are an emerging sector of the aerospace due to its capability in undertaking high threat tasks.

The UAV ecosystem...

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