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Turkey’s GENESIS advanced combat management system

Turkey’s procurement office, in connection with state-controlled military software company Havelsan, is likely to export an indigenous naval combat management system for G-class Frigates. The company developed the GENESIS advanced combat management system for the US-built Oliver Hazard Perry (G)-class frigates. Additionally other potential buyers include Taiwan and Spain.

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Japan, France MoU for Defence Equipments

The Japan and France has entered into the memorandum of understanding for ammunition, equipment and other support. France is interested in developing defense equipment based on robot technology as well as unmanned systems such as underwater vehicles. In April, Japan eased its rules on arms exports to boost defense development with other nations.

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US agreed sale of Hellfire missiles and logistic support to Iraq

The United States (US) has agreed to supply 5,000 AGM-114K/N/R Hellfire missiles for the Iraqi military. The worth of the deal is expected to be around $700 million, in which Lockheed Martin is the principal contractor on the agreement.  The second contract is for the $500 million agreement to cover five years of...

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Russia orders 32 Kamov Naval attack helicopters

Russia has recently ordered 32 Kamov Ka-52K 'Hokum B' naval attack helicopters for the Russian Navy's Mistral-class landing helicopter dock vessels. These aircraft will be built by Aviation Company 'Nikolai Sazykin', a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters. Each Mistral-class LHD is capable of operating an air wing of around 16 naval helicopters.  Also the...

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Chinese Navy to get domestic Aircraft Carriers

China is planning to construct a total of 10 domestic aircraft carriers and the blueprint of the nation's first domestic carrier is nearly complete.  It is anticipated that China may have between four and five aircraft carriers in active service by 2030. This number may eventually increase to 10 in the next few...

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The bureaucratic inertia, narrow self interest, inability to adapt and a conscious desire to cling to the past practices by almost all the stakeholders has hampered the Indian defence capability building since independence. The leading indicators of peril were on the horizon due to policy paralysis during last few decades. What country needed...

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India is currently facing military threats from insurgents along its borders and in recent years there has been a growing threat from terrorism both external and internal forcing the Government to divert significant attention and resources to border security.

1The country has 15106.70 km...

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