Monthly Archives: December 2014

Army receives upgraded ZSU-23-4 Schilka

The Indian Army (IA) has received the first upgraded ZSU-23-4 Schilka air defence weapon system from DPSU Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) with whom it signed a contract in March 2011 for up gradation of about 80-90 ageing self-propelled, tracked, low-level Schilka systems, which were acquired from Russia in the early 1980s. The upgraded version of...
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Defence FDI

The total inflow of resources to the defence industry between April 2011 and Sep 2014 amounted to a negligible $4.89 Million, a fraction of the inflow in comparison to the sectors that attract high-value Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Further, there has been no FDI equity inflow in the defence sector in the first...

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