Monthly Archives: October 2015

50% offsets for Rafale deal

India and France have reached an understanding on the offsets with regards to Rafale deal worth $4.5 billion (Rs 30,000 Crores), under which the France have agreed to invest 50% of the deal's worth in related sectors. The negotiations will now move toward settling the contract for the actual aircraft sale.

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Reliance Group to invest in defence production sector

Reliance Group will be investing around Rs 46,000 Crores in sectors such as defence, IT, electronics and energy in Madhya Pradesh. With an eye to develop production capabilities in defence, the company is planning to invest around Rs 6000 Crores in developing an Integrated Land System Defence Manufacturing Hub in Pithampur and a...

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India’s Light Military Choppers requirement

India is planning to have three different lines of light military helicopters, all of which will be manufactured under the 'Make in India' initiative. Despite a deal with the Russian government for Ka 226 helicopters, two other lines, including a project for the Indian private sector to produce close to 200 helicopters in...

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India’s deal for 194 Microlight

India has signed the contract for 194 microlight aircraft 'Virus FW80' with Slovenian company Pipestrel. The total cost of the contract is Rs 105.5 crore, with an option clause of 100 more aircrafts. Out of 194, Indian Air Force will get 72 aircraft for carrying out bird reconnaissance of airfields to boost flight...

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Upgrade Kilo Class Submarines

Indian Navy has signed an upgradation contract with Russian shipbuilder Zvezdochka for Kilo class submarine. The value of the contract is pegged at Rs 5,000 crore for a total of four submarines, will not only extend the life of the boats but will also upgrade their combat potential. The first submarine to be...

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Procurement Delay despite AON

The Government in the last 17 months has granted AoN to number of defence projects worth Rs. 3.1 lakh Crores ($47 billion), however, as of now, none of these have gone on to reach the stage of issuing of the tender, let alone signing a contract.The only big ticket procurement has been that...

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India may buy Air Defence Missile Systems

India is planning to acquire the new-generation Russian S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems that can destroy incoming hostile aircraft, stealth fighters, missiles and drones at ranges of up to 400-km. The contract will be a government-to-government if it gets the DAC approval. The S-400 basically has three kinds of missiles, with different...

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IAF likely to issue RFP for Upgrade of transport aircraft

The Indian Air Force is likely to issue a request for proposal (RFP) to upgrade its large transport fleet of Ilyushin IL-76 aircraft with new avionics, engines besides other changes. The upgrade plan also includes the Phalcon AWACS fleet of three which is based on the Il-76 platform. These three carry the Israel...

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Air Works India Engineering Pvt Ltd

Mumbai based aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services provider, Air Works India Engineering Pvt Ltd, is looking out for buyers, and its promoters and investors expect valuation of Rs 1,500-1,800 crore. As of now, the initial talks with local and global players in the segment have begun. Investors such as New Enterprise Associates,...

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