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Major Constraints for Private Industry Participation in Defence

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Indian government initiative to enhance domestic manufacturing, private sector participation and to promote indigenous design and development will have the long term impact in the event of major military confrontation with our adversaries. However these initiatives are slowly revealing its major challenges...

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Upgrading BMP-2/2K


With the indigenous FICV programme already getting delayed, there is an urgent need to fast track the upgrade of ageing, licence-built Russian BMP-2/2K 'Sarath' Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICVs) to BMP-2M standard. The recent RFI issued by the Government seems to be in the right direction.

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Civil UAS Operations in India


Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) are largely employed by the Military segment with the technical capabilities of UAVs having matured over the years. However, of late, UAS is seen to have a potential to play a leading role in civil and commercial applications as well. A...

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Key objective of the Defence Offset Policy is to leverage capital acquisitions to augment design and development of defence products and build indigenous capability, however, till date there has been limited benefits of Offsets that the country has received.

The recent signing of the...

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Cost and Quality Trade-off in Defence Procurement

"Never forget that your weapon was manufactured by the lowest bidder"- Murphy's Laws of Combat


It is a dreadful thought to be in combat holding a weapon manufactured by the lowest bidder, even if it does not necessarily imply that the weapon is sub-standard,...

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Equipping the Foot Soldier With Small Arms


There exists a capability gap in Small Arms segment on five counts: Vintage Design, Design Capability, Production Capability, Quality & Cost and Heterogeneous Inventory, which needs to be addressed immediately coupled with involving the private sector actively, if India is looking out to become self...

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Industrial Licences (ILs) List Filed For September – November 2016

[table td1="Application No." td2="Date" td3="Name of The Applicant" td4="Item of Manufacture"] [td1] 88 [/td1] [td2]  14/09/2016[/td2] [td3] M/s EHES, a unit of Essar - Project(I) Ltd. [/td3]  [td4] Manufacture of Nuclear Reactors, Except Isotope Separators   [/td4] [td1] 89 [/td1] [td2] 15/09/2016[/td2] [td3] M/s Ideal Industrial Explosives Ltd Unit II [/td3]  [td4] Manufacturing of S.M.E /S.M.S Explosives      [/td4] [td1]...
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