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US boosts security cooperation with India, signs defence bill

The US President has signed a $618 billion defence policy bill, to enhance security cooperation with India. He signed National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA) 2017, which asks defence secretary and secretary of state to take steps necessary to recognise India as America’s “major defence partner”. Source:http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/usa-barack-obama-signs-618-billion-defence-bill-boosts-security-cooperation-india/1/842266.html...
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Agni-V test fired

India has successfully test fired the intercontinental ballistic missile Agni-V. The missile is the most advanced, with inbuilt new technologies for navigation and guidance, warhead and engine. It has a range of more than 5,000km and can carry a warhead of about 1,000kg. The solid propellant driven missile, which is 17 metres long...

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India cleared first installment for Rafale deal

Indian Defence Ministry has cleared the first installment of 15 percent to seal the 36 Rafale combat aircraft deal with the French Government. The French Government will deliver first few aircraft within three years, with specific modifications asked by Indian Air Force. India has requested France to speed the delivery to the extent possible. Source: Read more

DRDO successfully tested Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon

India’s Defence and Research Development Organization (DRDO) has successfully flight tested the Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon (SAAW) from an Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft. SAAW, an indigenously designed and developed 120kg class smart weapon and is a light-weight high precision guided bombcapable of engaging ground targets with high precision up to a range of 100 kms....
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FDI in Indian Defence

India Defence sector has attracted nearly $1 million in foreign direct investment (FDI) over the last three years. Starting from January-2013 to September-2016, a total $9.95 lakh ($995,000) was received from three countries: the UK, France and Israel. In the year 2013-14, FDI of US$ 8.22 lakh has been received from UK. In...

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US proposed India for joint-development of Helicopters and Combat Vehicles

The United States has offered India to joint-development and production of futuristic military helicopters as well as Infantry Combat Vehicles under the Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI). Earlier India has shown interest in the US offer for participation in its "future vertical-lift (FVL) aircraft" programme, which includes development of five different helicopters...

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