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In the Medium Fighter Aircraft segment, India currently requires 200 aircrafts, which include both single and twin engine as replacement. India's future 5th-generation aircraft, the Russia-Indian Sukhoi/HAL FGFA and the indigenous Medium Combat Aircraft, though will not be ready before 2025. Thus the...

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Helicopter is one of the priority segment selected for Strategic Partnership. India needs at least 2 integrators in this segment keeping in view the defence and civil Helicopter requirements.

Indian Armed forces are presently having the fleet of over 750+ helicopters. The...

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EDITORIAL July-Aug 2017

“Make in India” mission is envisaged as a major initiative for ushering a turn-around of the Indian Industry. The government has begun to take some marked steps and this could be potentially a turning point in India's endeavour to have a robust home-grown...

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Defence Incubator

Defence Ministry has been requested by State Govt to set up a defence incubator in Hyderabad on the lines of the T-Hub to encourage entrepreneurs and help in indegenisation of critical defence equipment and parts. Hyderabad is already a hub in defence production with several public sector production units, labs, etc., which means...

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Indo-US on Cyber Security

A powerful Senate Committee has asked Pentagon to work with India in cyber and space operating domains at appropriate strategic, operational, and tactical levels. The committee supports the exercise’s consistent focus on maritime patrol, reconnaissance scenarios, and anti-submarine warfare operations. It further asserted that the US and India have continued to refine their...

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Indo-US Defence Co-Operation

The US House of Representatives (HOR) has passed a $621.5 billion, the National Defense Authorisation Act (NDAA) 2018, having provisions on Defence Co-Operation with India. The US Congress has asked the Department of Defence and State Department to take specified actions to increase defense and security cooperation with India. In addition the National...

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Tata motors have developed armoured vehicle ‘LSV V2’ in tune with US military vehicle ‘Hummer’. LSV V2 is capable of a top speed of over 100 kmph and the cabin is bullet proof with military grade doors while windows receive toughened and bullet proof glass and a hatch for a roof mounted machine...

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155 mm ULH Trials

Indian Army is carrying out field trials for compiling the Range Tables with Indian ammunition on 155 mm 39-calibre ultra-light howitzers (ULH) at Pokhran. The test-firing of the guns is primarily aimed at collating and determining various critical data like trajectory, speed and frequency of fire of ULH. Three more guns will be...

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