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Indian assembled Kamov Chopper may be exported

The Kamov choppers which are slated to be assembled in India may also be exported to third country, after fulfilling the India’s requirement. India has total requirement for 200 helicopters, the first 60 rotocraft will be manufactured in Russia and the subsequent 140 will be assembled in India at an increasing rate of...

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Single-Engine Fighter Jet deal

Swedish defence giant Saab Group is all ready for full technology transfer of its Gripen-E fighter jet to India if the company gets the contract for India’s Single-Engine Fighter Jet deal, worth around $10-billion. Whereas, US firm, Lockheed Martin as yet not indicated willingness to transfer full technology to India for its F-16...

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Brahmos Cruise Missile successfully flight-tested

India’s “Brahmos” - Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM), has been successfully flight-tested against a sea based target. It is a joint venture between DRDO of India and NPOM of Russia. Missile weighing 2.5 ton is the heaviest weapon to be deployed on India’s Su-30 fighter aircraft modified by HAL to carry Weapons.

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India scraps – Man-Portable Anti-Tank Guided deal

The Ministry of Defence has scraped the $500 million deal to supply Man-Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM) for the Army. Earlier, Rafael-Kalyani Group joint venture was formed in anticipation of this deal, the missile sub-systems manufacturing facility, based near Hyderabad, was inaugurated in August this year.

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Ocean Surveillance Vessel to be ready by 2018 

Hindustan Shipyard Ltd (HSL) is working on India's most advanced and largest ocean surveillance vessel name — VC 11184, that can track ballistic missiles. Currently, the project is in trial phase and the warship will be handed over to Navy in 2018. The warship is 175m in length with a displacement of 10,000...

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Medium Transport Aircraft deal, waiting approval 

The project for manufacturing 56 medium transport aircraft, worth around Rs 11,929 crore by the Tata-Airbus consortium is still nowhere close to being inked. The new aircrafts is to replace the IAF's aging Avro fleet. Still the project is at the commercial negotiations stage, which was begun eight-nine months ago after extended field...

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The Future Ready Combat Vehicle is planned to be procured under the provision of 'Strategic Partnership' to cater for future battlefield environment and technological possibilities. It would provide the base on which a 'family of vehicles' to the various arms of the Army.

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Providing real-time intelligence, command and control to maintain air superiority and to enable surveillance of borders is the need of the hour. Though, a beginning has been made, with foreign and indigenous procurement in the pipeline, however, these needs to be implemented on...

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Emerging markets, such as India, have made incremental gains and embraced positive rhetoric with their IP policies, but they have not yet followed up with the legislative reforms innovators need. Author analyses —

The stupendous 30-point jump in the global ease-of-doing business index this...

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The Indian Electronic Systems market is expected to grow under 'Make in India' initiative, as about 65% of the current demand for electronic products is met by imports. This highlights the need for creating ecosystems for capability building in the sector. 

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