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India's requirement for Fighter Aircraft to supplement  its depleting fleet has emerged as an unsuccessful tale of two decades. On the flip side, whopping imports figure and financial crunches have made it even more critical. The need-of-the-hour is to take an early decision to fulfil the gap,...
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The newly formulated 'Defence Planning Committee (DPC)' will facilitate a comprehensive and integrated planning for defence matters. The defence planning process is expected to become more rational and will provide a much needed boost to defence preparedness.
In a significant defence policy reform, the government has revamped the...
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Indigenization drive by inclusion of private sector is an attempt to reduce the dependability on imports in defence sector. Indian Navy has shared the details of Make-II projects, in order to guides the Industry to understand the projects and seek clarifications on the technical aspects and other...
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Quest for Small Arms

The lack of concerted effort and unrealistic demands has been the hall mark of procurement of the Small Arms systems. These products are mainly mechanical system can be improved upon according to our requirement, though our indigenous production facilities. But unfortunately frequent changing the requirements and asking...
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Def Expo-2018: Some Glimpse

In the recent past DEFEXPOs has become a political tool rather than its intended purpose. In the recently held DEFEXPO at Chennai the participation and footfall from the stake holder from industry was luke warm. However for the local residents of Chennai, region it was a life time...
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Naval Commanders’ Conference May 18

The Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman while addressing the bi-annual Naval Commanders' Conference on 08 May 2018 commended the men and women of Indian Navy for their professionalism and dedication in performing the duties of safeguarding the maritime interest of the nation. The RM further said, “I firmly...
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Ammunition Procurement from Private Sector

Keeping in view the production capacity shortage and resultant restrictions on training, the Army issued RFPs on 25 March 2017 for the under mentioned types of ammunition for the yearly requirement for next 10 years. The overall cost of the procurement has been pegged around Rs. 150...
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The proposals to incorporate additional avenues in defence offset policy for discharge of offset obligations, will need a effective monitoring system for their successful implementation of the proposed changes.
The Defence Offset Policy introduced in 2005 has been revised in bits and pieces over the years. The only...
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Indian Naval Shipyards and Dockyard needs necessary infrastructure to handle  transportation solution with precise steering response, sensitive drive and the powerful lifting hydraulics and the APP with the AXLE having additional HP to ensure  mobility and to meet qualitative requirements of Shipbuilders. Such transport solutions are in use in developed countries. TII India a subsidiary...
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