Monthly Archives: August 2018

Defence Public Sector: Time and Cost Overrun

For capability building in indigenous design, development and production, the nation has to cater for associated costs, as technology does not come free, but there must be some accountability.
The story of India's attempts to create a domestic defence industrial base is one of the missed opportunities, extended...
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Draft: Defence Product List Licensing Authority wise and act-wise

The MoD has issued a draft amended product list and sought input from industry.
Department of Defence Production has formulated the draft Defence Production Policy 2018, which aims to liberalize the licensing process for defence industries and further reviewed and pruned the list of items requiring license in...
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Need to Address the Fault Lines at the Grass Root Level

There is an excessive time gap between the policy initiatives and steps to address anomalies in the defence acquisition system, and their execution thus they lose the form and spirit intended. The author analyses...
The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been taking a series of pro-active steps in...
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