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Procurement of US-2 Amphibious Aircraft

The procurement of about 12 ShinMaywa US-2 amphibious aircraft by the Indian Navy has been under discussions for long due to certain budgetary constraints and other issues. The transfer of technology and production of equipment to India could be one of the possibilities. However, the procurement is still in pipeline as of now.

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Ammunition Procurement from Indian Industry


By Col Ajit singh (Retd)

The continuing delay in Army plan to procure different variants of Ammunition from Private Sector by establishing the manufacturing facility and supplying for a contractual period of ten years under “manufacture of ammunition for Indian Army by Private Indian industry”- initiative of Govt of India seems to...

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Standard Contract Document Needs a Relook


Number of problems and disputes that arise from the terms of the contracts signed on the lines of the prescribed Standard Contract Document (SCD) given in DPP can be prevented if MoD can come up with a more effective pre-arbitration dispute resolution mechanism. The...

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OFB Corporatization: Boost or Bane?

Most of the Committees set up on improving the performance of Ordnance Factories in the past brought out the main consequences of monopoly and suggested remedial measures through Corporatization. However, the successive governments lacked the political will and courage. The nation will...

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Equipping Futuristic Infantry Soldier

Infantry modernization is long overdue and needs to be fast-forwarded.  The reasons attributed is most exclusively because of the preferential treatment given to the DRDO which come out with tall claims without in-depth study and thus unable to design and develop weapons/technologies on...

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Indigenous Naval Shipbuilding Capability


With the Navy looking forward to induction of various new Naval vessels in coming years in order to keep the dipping operational efficiency at desirable level, it has become imperative for the Government to involve the private sector shipyards and to put a stop...

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Defence Offset: Gaining Momentum

The recent initiative by Department of Defence Production, launch of an online portal the 'dashboard' to help in effective tracking of various initiatives and schemes. The site provides statistics for activities including defence offsets, defence production, exports etc. The data on defence offsets reveals a momentum...
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Special Procurement for Para Commandos

The Services Capital Acquisition Plan Categorization Higher Committee (SCAPHCC), has cleared the purchase of 1,500 Carbines, 1,100 Rifles, 400 Parachutes, 100 Sniper Rifles, 750 Light Machine-Guns, necessary ammunition and also, technical equipment such as silencers, telescopic sights with night vision goggles etc. that will enhance the capability of the special forces soldier. These...

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Emergency Procurement

In the first 50 days of its second term in office, the Government has spent around Rs 8500 Crores on the acquisition of weapon systems including missiles and spares for the Indian Army and the Air Force. The Indian Air Force (IAF) has spent around Rs 8000 Crores in procuring missiles such as...

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Naval Multi Role Helicopters

The Indian Navy requires at least 123 Naval Multi Role Helicopters (NMRH) and had released a global Request for Information (RFI) under Strategic Partnership (SP) model for the same in August 2017. As the process was not progressing fast India is now most likely to sign a USD 2 Billion plus deal to...

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