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Digital Transformation and Indian Defence Industry

'Industry 4.0' is  an approach that uses advanced technologies to control over the entire product lifecycle keeping in mind to make the entire process cost effective by reducing the production costs while improving product quality and production scalability and individualization by means of digitalization of...

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Defence Exports: Gaining Momentum

A vibrant domestic defence manufacturing will build strategic domestic depth while also enhance the export potential for economic advantage, further accentuating the job creation.

There has been a seven-fold increase in defence exports of India over the last two years and this can be...

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OGEL for Defence Products: Some Issues

The notifications issued likely to have a positive impact, however certain features of the scheme could create hurdles and needs to be addressed by MoD. The impact will depend though on how the provisions are implemented.

Ministry of Defence (MoD) notified two...

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Tangible Results Under DTTI

The role of DTTI in developing new areas of technology cooperation in the defence sector through co-development and co-production assumes significance. However, it is yet yield any significant tangible results for the Defence Forces.

Defence cooperation between the United States (US) and...

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Nomination Prevails Despite Rhetoric

By Cdr. Vikram Moorjani (Retd.)

Nomination of DRDO by DAC for designing and developing an indigenous Light Weight Electronic Warfare System for Mountains, despite evidence of development of such system by Private sector is not in tune with Government declared policy. The Author analyses this issue.

It has been a known...

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Adoption of Niche Technology: Need of the Hour

New technologies will determine how future warfare are fought and won. Need of the hour is the identification and development of niche technologies which should not only be need -based but affordable as well.

The strategic nature of threats has highlighted the...

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Military Helicopter Programmes- Needs A Push

The existing fleet of the helicopters with the Indian Armed Forces is facing issues of deficiency in the inventory coupled with poor age profile of helicopters which impacts on effective operations. Though procurement programmes have been undertaken but these need to be fast tracked.

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Self Reliance: An Illusive Goal?

A high degree of Self Reliance on defence products is of vital importance for both strategic and economic reasons for any country. However, India has not been able to achieve the same despite often repeated statements from power to be, with no tangible effect.

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Army Make-II Projects 2019

MSMEs across the globe have in many ways been the drivers of change and innovative solutions. Make-II projects are ideal for engaging the Industry, MSMEs and start-ups into the defence manufacturing ecosystem.

Indian Army organised a seminar on its Make-II Projects  2019 on 11...

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