Monthly Archives: February 2020

Small Arms Production in India

The lack of concerted effort and unrealistic demands coupled with lack of indigenous design has been the hallmark of procurement of the Small Arms systems severely affecting  the Infantry modernization. Resultantly, most of the inventory of Small Arms is...

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Integrating Quality Assurance Agencies in Defence

Integrating Defence Quality Assurance Organization is need of the hour; the restructured single entity to work directly under the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) in Ministry of Defence (MoD) to deal with the Quality and life cycle issues of Defence product range. The organization...

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The growth of Defence Production in India has been its intertwined complications at technological, economic, structural, political and perceptional levels. In fact the Govt. sector in defence production has been surviving in such dynamics.  The lacks of concerted effort has affected most of the segments in Land Systems. This issue of Defproac coincides with Def...
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ATGM Delayed Development and Critical Deficiencies

It is imperative that Infantry be equipped with an advanced ATGM with better accuracy, day and night capabilities and increased survivability which also lends itself to higher mobility due to its weight configuration to meet the enhanced threats.

 India has been looking for...

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Life Cycle Management of Defence Platforms on GOCO Model

Despite enough learning from developed countries to adapt  the life cycle management of  assets from 3rd Party providers for logistics support, the Government decision to transfer Army Base Workshops (ABW) and Central Ordnance Depots (CODs) on the lines of Government Owned Contractor Operated (GOCO) Model is...

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SCoD Recommendations on Financial Constraints are Perfunctory

The third report of the Standing Committee on Defence (SCoD) presented to the Parliament in December 2019, makes for a disappointing reading as it simply regurgitates a familiar narrative, demanding increased capital outlay for the Defence Services, offering no fresh insights and repeating old recommendations....

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Dawning of the Counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs) Market

UAVs/Drones are increasingly being used across both military and civil/commercial sectors owing to their various capabilities, the major ones being that they can be used for surveillance, monitoring and acquiring visual imagery swiftly coupled with getting into places where persons cannot reach. However, with...

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