Monthly Archives: February 2020

Make in India

The so called big push to ‘Make in India’ Policy with an aim to boost indigenous defence production despite of claims and measures seems to not getting much speed as most of them ‘Make in India’ projects, collectively worth over Rs 3.5 Lakh Crores, from new-generation stealth submarines, minesweepers and light utility helicopters...

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CAG Report on OFB

Some of the highlights of recently tabled Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report on Ordnance Factories are:-

  • The OFB received budgetary grant of Rs 14,793 Crores and Rs 804 Crores in 2017-18 for its Revenue expenditure and Capital expenditure, respectively.
  • In 2017-18, it supplied materials of Rs 14251 Crores...
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Update on Defence Corridors

The Uttar Pradesh Government has decided to provide 25 percent subsidy and 100 percent stamp duty waiver for setting up defence industry in the state and amended the UP Defence, Aerospace Unit and Employment Promotion Policy-2018. Now, the companies that will set up defence industries will be provided all facilities including power, road...

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Defence Imports

From April 2014 to till March 31, 2019, India has imported military equipment worth Rs 162283 Crores ($ 23.2 billion) accounting for 9.5 percent of the global total imports. From Rs 29222 Crores Import for year ending March 2015 it witnessed a substantial increased to Rs 42974 Crores for financial year ending March...

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FDI and JV in Defence

Indian MoD has approved 42 proposals for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)/Joint Ventures from foreign companies to invest in the country's defence sector and since 2014, around Rs 1812 Crores of FDI has been channeled into the sector. These include three JVs between Indian and Russian companies, namely, Indo-Russian Helicopters Ltd and Multi-Role Transport...

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DAC Meet on 27 Nov 2019

Defence Acquisition Council meeting on 27 Nov 2019, approved Capital Procurement amounting to over Rs 22,800 Crores. The approval includes:-

  • Indigenous design, development and manufacturing of 'Thermal Imaging Night Sights' for Assault Rifles by the Indian private industry
  • Revalidation of AoN for the procurement of additional Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) India aircraft by DRDO.
  • Procurement of...
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Defence Offset and their Impact

Ministry of Defence (MoD) has signed 52 Defense offset contracts till March 2019, valued at USD 11.79 billion to be discharged through Indian offset partners. Out of these, 21 defence offset contracts with cumulative value of USD 5.67 billion have been sealed by the Defence Ministry in last three years. Recently, a study...

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