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India Hands Over Vietnam First High-Speed Boat

India handed over the first of 12 High-Speed Guard Boat to Vietnam under the $100 million Defence Line of Credit. The handing over happened at the virtual summit, between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Vietnam's PM Nguyễn Xuân Phúc during which both sides also launched manufacturing of High-speed Guard Boats and keel...

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India Buys Spike, Spice Missiles

India has bought unknown quantity of the Smart, Precise, Impact, Cost-Effective (SPICE)-2000 bomb guidance kits to the Indian Air Force (IAF) and 300-odd Spike-Long Range (LR) ATGMs tactical, electro-optically guided missiles and advanced communication systems BNET broadband Internet Protocol (IP) tactical radios to the Indian Army (IA) in a deal about the $200-million...

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Defence Deals Inked by India in 2020

Major defence deal signed by India in 2020

MH-60 Romeo And Apache Helicopters:

  • USD 3 billion deal to purchase 24 MH-60R Romeo Helicopters and six AH-64E Apache Attack Helicopters.

Light Machine Guns

Joint Venture Protective Carbine

The Joint Venture Protective Carbine (JVPC) has been jointly developed by Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE), and Small Arms Factory, Kanpur.

The weapon system has undergone initial development trials, pre-user internal trials, user trials and trials by Director...

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Third Aircraft Carrier- Operational Necessity of IN

India currently has one operational aircraft carrier, INS Vikramaditya, while a second carrier is being constructed at Cochin Shipyard.

A third aircraft carrier has been considered as an “operational necessity” for the Navy in defending the vast Indian Ocean...

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L&T Defence Conferred Green Channel Status

The green channel policy was introduced in March 2017 to allow the private sector defence manufacturers to certify its own products.

Larsen & Toubro Defence, the first private sector defence company to be awarded the green channel status for major...

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Ka-226T Utility Helicopters DEAL

The Request For Proposal (RFP) for Ka-226 T issued by the MoD to India Russia Helicopters Limited (IRHL) IRHL for 200 helicopters stated 70% indigestion and the JV quoted of 62.4% indigenization in its response.

Army is said to be...

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