Misc Development News

  • Airbus Defence and Space has entered an agreement with the French Space Agency, Centre National d’EtudesSpatiales (CNES), to develop a thermal instrument for the TRISHNA satellite which will monitor climate change. 
  • Saab has completed the first air trials with its new fighter X-band AESA radar, which will be offered as a new addition to Saab’s PS-05/A radar family. The new version of the radar can be offered to Gripen C/D operators, as an upgrade. The new AESA radar features GaN, a material that gives lower power consumption and improved heat resistance. This enables wider bandwidth and greater reliability, availability and efficiency. The new fighter X-band AESA radar will, for example, have better performance against small targets, enhanced Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (ECCM) capability as well as improved ability to support more advanced weaponry.

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