Major Defence Import-Export by India

In the past few years the major equipment imported by India includes:-

  • Russia:  Rockets, Simulator and component repair facility for tanks etc.
  • US: Aircraft, Helicopters, Missiles, Artillery Guns and Simulators etc
  • Israel: Laser Designation Pods, Radars, Aircraft Pods, Radios, Weapons for ‘Garud’ Commandos and Missiles
  • France: Aircraft, Ammunition, Bi-modular Charge System and Modular Charge.

On the other hand, following items has been exported from India comprising of Patrol Vessels, Helicopters, Sonars and Radars, Avionics, Radar Warning Receivers, Small Arms, Small Calibre Ammunition, Grenades, Telecom Equipment, Coastal Surveillance Gear, Simulators, Bullet-Proof Jackets and Body Armour etc.

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