Overhauling Engines of Mi-17 V 5 Helicopters

JSC Russian Helicopters and Motor Sich Ukraine entered into competition with each other to get an overhauling deal of VK -2500-3 engines of Mi-17 V 5 helicopters from IAF for a bid opened on 22 Sep, 2020. The JSC Russian Helicopters have raised  some issues and  JSC Motor Sich faces scrutiny for two reasons:-

  • Beijing’s Skyrizon Aviation said to have  around 80 per cent of Motor Sich through several foreign companies and small shareholders.
  • Besides not having the designer/OEM certificate issued JSC UEC (United Engine Corporation) Klimov post 2018.

The engine manufacturer JSC UEC-Klimov also stated that JSC UEC-Klimov is the only organisation that legitimately performs overhaul of VK-2500 engines.

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