India Buys Spike, Spice Missiles

India has bought unknown quantity of the Smart, Precise, Impact, Cost-Effective (SPICE)-2000 bomb guidance kits to the Indian Air Force (IAF) and 300-odd Spike-Long Range (LR) ATGMs tactical, electro-optically guided missiles and advanced communication systems BNET broadband Internet Protocol (IP) tactical radios to the Indian Army (IA) in a deal about the $200-million under Emergency procurement.

India had acquired 260 Spike ATGMs and 12 launchers for the Army, alongside 100 Spice kits as a repeat order in the past. India has twice deferred the purchase of Spike missiles in large quantities in recent years in the past based on assurance from DRDO that it will be able to deliver a weapon system to meet the army’s requirement shortly.

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