Indian shipbuilder GRSE has launched the Landing Craft-Utility (LCU) ship to be built for the Indian Navy slated to be commissioned by the year end. This is the second ship of the eight Landing Craft-Utility ships planned for Navy’s amphibious operations. GRSE had signed the contract for design and building of eight LCU ships from Indian Navy on September 2011. The launching marks completion of main hull of the ship, which will be fitted with essential equipment & systems. After that it will be  commencing  sea - trials and then final commissioning. The LCU will be equipped with two 30mm CRN-91 mounted guns to provide artillery fire support during landing operations. The ship is 63 metres long, 11 metres wide and displacing around 830 tons, are designed to transport tanks and troops to the islands. With a maximum speed of 15 knots and an endurance of more than 1,500 nautical miles, they can accommodate 216 personnel including 160 troops.