FDI proposals received since June 2014

In order to attract more foreign defence OEMs to manufacture in India under its “Make in India” campaign, Government of India has raised the FDI limit to 49% from earlier 26%.  The initiative covers manufacturing of all kinds of defence items / equipment. FDI proposals received from Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) since June 2014 are: M/s. Solar Industries India Ltd., Nagpur with FII & NRI Investment, M/s. Hats Off Helicopters Training (P) Ltd. - Bangalore with M/s. CAE Inc. - Canada, M/s. Ideaforge Technology (P) Ltd. with NRI Investment, M/s. Punj Lloyd Ltd. (PLL) with FII & NRI Investment, Aequs (P) Ltd. with Aequs Manufacturing Investment (P) Ltd. – Mauritius, Fokker Elmo Sasmos Interconnection Systems Ltd. with Fokker Elmo BV Netherlands.

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