DAC approval – 30th Oct

DAC met on 30 Oct and accorded AON for the following:


Defence ProgrammeRemarks
Upgrade Of  Ilyushin Fleet

Qty: 26

Worth: Rs 4250 Crores  

For Indian Air Force

The upgrade would involve equipping the Ilyushin fleet with new engines and avionics to extend their service life by another 20 years.

The IAF has 14 IL-76 transport aircraft; 3 Israeli Phalcon AWACS mounted on IL-76s and 6 IL-78 mid-air refuellers. Also there are 3 IL-76s deployed with the Aviation Research Centre which are also operated by the IAF. 

BMP-II Infantry Combat Vehicles

Qty: 149

Worth: Rs 924 Crores  

For Indian Army

To be manufactured by the Ordnance Factory Board under licence from Russia 

Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher Project

Worth: Rs 3300 Crores

For 3rd and 4th regiment of Indian Army.

The Pinaka MLRS are manufactured by the Tata and L&T based on technology developed by DRDO.  

Digitization" Of The Pechora Surface-To-Air Missile System

Qty: 25 Firing Units

Worth: Rs 1800 Crores  

For the Indian Air Force

This digitization will ensure that the ageing Pechora system can be used by the IAF for another decade or so.  

Multi-Purpose Vessels

Qty: 4

Worth: Rs 2800 Crores

(Each costing Rs 700 Crores)  

For Indian Navy 
Deep Submerge Rescue Vessel

Qty: 2

Worth: Rs 1500 Crores (Each costing Rs 750 Crores)  

For Indian Navy 

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