List of Potential ‘MAKE’ Projects

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has come out with a list of potential defence projects for the Indian Armed Forces under 'Make in India' initiative with an aim to boost the indigenous defence manufacturing. These being :


  • 125mm Smooth Bore Gun Barrel for T-72 & T-90 Tanks with Missile Firing and Improved Ammunition
  • 1000 HP Engine with Associated Peripherals for T-72 Tank
  • Individual Under Water Breathing Apparatus (IUWBA) @ 04 Per tank for T-90 Tank
  • Environmental Control Unit for T-90 Tank
  • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for T-90 Tank
  • Tracked Light Dozer (TLD)
  • Mechanical Mine Layer (Self Propelled)
  • Mechanical Minefield Marking Equipment (MK-II)
  • Self-Propelled Mine Burier (SPMB)
  • Assault Track Way- Cl 18 for movement of HMVs in Desert & Semi Desert
  • Advance Pilotless Target Aircraft (APTA)
  • Manoeuvrable Expendable Aerial Target (MEAT)
  • Modern Aircraft Refueling Pump



  • Diesel Engine for Boats
  • Upper Air Sounding System
  • Supersonic Arial Targets
  • Targets for Combat Torpedo Firing
  • Deck Winches (for Shipping Applications)
  • Diesel Engines for Propulsion



  • MI Series Main & Tail Rotor Blades
  • Air to Ground Rockets
  • Chaff & Flares
  • Long Range Glider Bomb

Editor's Note: Most of these projects were earlier with DRDO. Despite cost and time overruns, DRDO has not been able to fulfill the QRs given by the Armed Forces with regards to these projects.


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