Israeli Spyder System likely to be down selected in Army’s SRSAM tender

The Rafael manufactured Spyder air defence system is likely winner for Indian Army’s (IA) requirement for Short Range Surface-to-Air Missile systems (SR-SAM). The other two contenders – France’s SAAB and Russia’s KBP Tula and Rosoboronexport have faced compliance issues after being not able to perform during technical trials carried out by the Army that were concluded last year. The next step would now involve opening of the price bid. Previously, IA had issued a global tender in 2011 worth $1.5 billion for at least two regiments of SRSAM that would include as many as 1800 missiles. The selected vendor will have to transfer technology of the systems to India to manufacture the system.

Source: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/israeli-spyder-system-emerges-as-frontrunner-for-indian-armys-air-defence-needs/articleshow/52425298.cms

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