Army issues RFI for ammunition manufacturing

Indian Army has recently issued a Request for Information (RFI) for the manufacture of ammunition and has invited Indian industry to participate. According to the contract it will be a long term deal, however, the manufacturer will be responsible to obtain ToT (if required), create infrastructure and manufacture ammunition with no funding from the Government. The following ammunitions are required:-

  • 125 mm FSAPDS for Tank T90/ T72; Qty: 20,000 Annually
  • 23 mm HEI/APIT for ZU/Strella air defence gun system; Qty: 5,00,000 Annually
  • 30 mm VOG 17 for30 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher; Qty: 5,00,000 Annually
  • 40 mm HEAP, HEDP,RP, TM & VOG 25 for 40 mm Multi Grenade Launcher/ UBGL; Qty: 3,00,000 Annually
  • GRAD BM-ER ROCKET for 122 mm GRAD MBRL; Qty: 5,000 Annually
  • Electronic Fuzes for Artillery Gun systems; Qty 6,00,000 Annually
  • 30 mm HEI/HET for BMP II; Qty: 1,88,600 Annually
  • BMCS Low Zone & High Zone for Artillery Gun Systems; Qty: 1,00,000Annually

Also to further clarify the Army’s requirement, a briefing of interested manufacturers will be carried out on 09 Dec 2016 to enable fielding response to RFI.

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  1. How can I get the complete details of this proposal Or there is any link to go through this. Please clearify ASAP.