Interaction with Mr. Raj Chodankar Chairman and MD, Mechvac (I) Ltd.

Mechvac Private Ltd., a Mumbai based company in the field of Precision and Ultra High Precision Engineering, is a fine example of an Indian SME developing and offering cutting edge technologies thus making it stay on the leading edge. It is the first private sector unit in India to be equipped with one of the best Nano machining centre and the world's best Metrology system. Defence ProAc interacted with Mr. Raj Chodankar., Chairman and Managing Director of Mechvac (I) Ltd. who believes in continuous innovations and improvements in technology and to utilise these to grow the product line further. Excerpts —

Def ProAc (DPA):
What are the Mechvac India Opto-Electronics capabilities?

Mechvac: Mechvac today is being identified to offer Reflex Sights, worlds lightest Hand Held Thermal Imager (HHTI) equipped with LRF, GPS, Day Camera Channel and Digital Magnetic Compass. In addition, by virtue of component manufacturing strength, we are equipped with a maintenance set-up that is unique and to be the only one.

DPA: Can you please throw light on the products/services and the sub systems of electro optics offered by the company?

Mechvac: Presently, we are offering reflex sights and HHTI as mentioned above, but we also propose to broaden our spectrum by offering Passive Night Vision Devices (Monos, Binos), Thermal Sights, Surveillance Systems (Pan/Tilt). We have already identified the Global companies for the above and are in final stages of discussion.

DPA: Can you also provide us with the broad specifications in terms of generations of products?

Mechvac: The reflex sight manufactured, is light weight with three incorporated patents and also equipped with 5 day brightness levels and 5 dark brightness levels. The HHTI, is very unique as it weighs 1.6 kg (against presently offered-3.4 kg), recognition 2.8 kms (against presently offered 2.2 km) and equipped with uncooled micro bolometer (against cooled detector), which drops the price by almost 15% of the presently offered.

DPA: Any specific projects on platform optronic such as sight periscope for Weapons, Tanks/BMPs?

Mechvac: Yes, we can offer the complete Armament upgrade for the BMPs by virtue of our MoU signed with the relevant Global Company.

DPA: Does the company have any other tie-ups as on date?

Mechvac: Yes, the company has a tie up with CAA Hartman for Reflex Sights, Jenoptik, Germany for HHTI, Ukroboronprom for BMP-II Armament upgrade and JSC SHVABE for Total Observation Systems.

DPA: What are the future programmes that the company is eyeing on?

Mechvac: We are very keen to participate in the Total Observation Systems programme for the KAMOV helicopter and also Repairs and overhaul services in electro optics for the SU-30 aircraft and Armament upgrade for the BMP-II ICV.

DPA: How do you look yourselves being different from the others in this electro optics industry?

Mechvac: That's a good question. One of the most distinct advantages we have is our in-built component manufacturing strength, which allows to support the systems during and after the warranty period. With due respect, most of the firms outsource their component requirements and this could be the gap that the customer would see.

DPA: Do you have the expertise to design these systems in-house?

Mechvac: Yes, but the limitations are the trials that can go on for few months. Since 'MAKE IN INDIA' has been initiated, this allows us to secure established designs via JV/License manufacturing and be a part of all the ongoing programmes.

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