The emerging eco-system in defence has created some of the success stories against all odds. Defence ProAc will cover these shining stars in the upcoming issues one by one, to motivate the SME sector. In this issue we have covered Zen Technologies Limited.

Zen Technologies is India's leading training simulator company has, supplied above 870 simulators to over 100 customers including the three Armed Forces, State and Central Police Forces and other countries such as South Africa, Egypt, Malaysia, Nigeria, Gabon, etc. All its Simulators are indigenously designed, developed and manufactured by the company and products can seamlessly integrate into war scenarios that help commanders to sharpen their battlefield strategies. The company has over 61 patents filed and CE certified for European markets.

The company appraised at CMMi Level 5 making it most eligible for Defence Offset Obligations in India. The company attaches special importance to its in-house R&D division that is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. The company is listed on National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange.

The product line and their functions are:-

  • Anti-aircraft Air Defence Simulators (Zen 3AD Sim) - Zen 3ADS is designed to train operators on laying procedures in both simulated and field conditions as well as psycho-physiological training experienced at the time of launch. It is user-friendly and provides data of missile launch, details of target movement and hit-miss information for After Action Reviews (analysis).

  • Zen Multi-Functional Target System (Zen MFTS®) - Zen MFTS® is an electro-mechanical system of versatile targets which are programmable from Firer's End to perform various movements for firing practices. The system is designed for use both at outdoor and indoor shooting range. It is a rugged, all-weather system and meets IP 65 standards. The Zen MFTS® is designed to expose the target to the fire in the following modes: Pop-Up, Slicing, Swing Out, Rotate.


  • TANK Crew Gunnery Simulator (TANK CGS/GS) for T-90 and T-72 Tanks


  • Zen Anti-Tank Guided Missile Simulator (Zen ATGM® Sim) - Zen ATGM® Sim is an indoor simulator, designed and developed to meet the challenging training requirements of missile pilots. It trains recruits and hones the skills of trained pilots in handling and firing missiles. It enables instructor to track the performance of trainees in real time.

  • Zen Shoot Edge™ - ShootEdge™ is synonymous to shooting without risk of exposure to retaliatory shooting by adversary. It is amplified by ability to maneuver behind a shield or protection thereafter fire for effect.

  • Zen Tactical Engagement Simulator (Zen TacSim®)
  • Armour Combat Training System (Zen ACTS)
  • Automatic Grenade Launcher Simulator (Zen AGL Sim)
  • Artillery Forward Observer's Simulator (Zen Arty FOS)
  • Infantry Combat Vehicle Driving Simulator (Zen BMP II DS)
  • MBP II Integrated Missile Simulator (Zen BMP II IMS)
  • Containerised Tubular shooting Range (Zen CTSR)
  • Containerised Shooting Range (Zen CSR)
  • Driving Training Simulator (Zen DTS)
  • Infantry Weapons Training Simulators (Zen IWTS)
  • Medium Machine Gun Simulator (Zen MMG Sim)
  • Smart Target System (Zen STS)
  • Indoor Tracking System (Zen ITS)
  • Tank T-72 Driving simulator (Zen T-72 DS)
  • Tank T-90 Driving Simulator (Zen T-90 DS)
  • Tank Zeroing System (Zen TZS)
  • 81mm Mortar Integrated Simulator (Zen 81mm MIS)
  • War Gaming Solutions (Zen WGS)
  • Hand Grenade simulator (Zen HE36S)
  • Zen UAV Mission Simulator (Zen UAV Sim)
  • Zen Combat Training Centre (Zen CTC) - Zen CTC is a one-stop training solution for Armed Forces and State police. The secure facility, equipped with modern training equipment/infrastructure, free from routine encumbrances and other disturbances, is designed to provide performance-oriented training in realistic, tactical and operational environment. Zen CTC is a unique training solution for Armed Forces. It offers specialized training to enhance individual skills as well as sub-unit/unit combat capability for conventional and special operations such as Counter-Insurgency and Counter-Terrorism tasks.


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