November – December 2017

In this issue we deliberate on Individual service specific platforms, projects and other broader issues. Beginning with the 'Queen of the Battle' Infantry. These foot soldiers are the first line of protection; therefore, they need to be equipped with best weapons and arms. Presently, they are still struggling with the outdated inventory of small arms.

The other major Combat Arm, the Armoured Corp has come out with RFI on Future Ready Combat Vehicle, planned to be procured under the provision of 'Strategic Partnership'. The requirement for the light tanks need to be examined fast and procurement action initiated. With the increase in air threat envelope due to multiplicity of air threat platforms, there is a need to enhance the lethality of the present Artillery, Mortar, Air defence and Ammunition System.

The Indian Air Force has ambitious plans and has begun with the process of acquiring different type of aircrafts, to strengthen its combat fleet. The composites are emerging as an innovative alternative for steel and aluminium, hence, can be used in aero structure and other defence equipment manufacturing. Currently, there is a huge requirement for aero-structures, not only in defence but also in civil aerospace.

The Indian Electronic Systems market is expected to grow under 'Make in India' initiative, as about 65% of the current demand for electronic products is met by imports. This highlights the need for creating an ecosystem for capability building in the sector. Providing real-time intelligence, command and control to maintain air superiority and to enable surveillance of borders is the need of the hour and there is imperative need to fast track, to meet the urgent requirements.

In the policy front, the GST replaces all the central and state taxes with the aim to do away with a highly complex tax regime involving multiple layers of taxation by the center and the states. India as emerging markets, need to tweak their IP policies and follow up with the legislative reforms

On international defence co-operation, the Indo-US relations have their own dynamics and imperatives. The recent new framework of Indo-US defence relationship has helped in collaboration in defence and in other sector as well.

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