The Pre bid meeting was held on 08-May-17 and; the OEMs and Indian partners have sought a number of clarifications during the pre-bid meeting because some points in the Request for proposal were unclear and had a number of flaws. Therefore, the Defence Ministry has issued necessary clarifications through the amended RFP between 29 Dec 2017 - Jan 2018 (except 125mm FSAPDS), addressing the queries raised by industry in the RFP as well. These are summarized below:-

What document are required in support of Revenue Growth?

None. Any reference to revenue growth in the RFP is an error and shall be corrected vide corrigendum

Can the contractual and financial liability be shared between consortium members as per the division of work?

The MoD shall deal with only the applicant company which shall be solely liable to meet all bid and contractual obligations

Is a change in control or ownership of the company permitted after signing of contract?

No change in control/ ownership is permitted till indigenisation of critical technologies is achieved by the company. Thereafter, it will be permitted only after permission from the MoD. All liabilities wrt the contract shall be taken over by the new entity. The new entity shall be an Indian Company as per applicable law not having foreign equity more than 49%.

Can the financial statements of a group of companies or consortium be considered to assess financial eligibility of a bidder?

The financial eligibility criteria shall apply to the single applicant company. Groups of companies or consortiums are not allowed to bid for these RFPs except for consortiums comprising of only Indian companies which shall be allowed to bid.


Can the subsidiary of a subsidiary company bid and consider financials of the original holding company?

No. In case a subsidiary of a holding company is bidding for this project then the subsidiary has to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the holding company. The holding company has to render a certificate that the applicant company is a wholly owned subsidiary and it is bidding with the financial credentials of the holding company. The financial eligibility criteria of the holding company shall be considered to ascertain the financial eligibility of such wholly owned subsidiary to participate in the project. All contractual liabilities jointly and severally shall rest with the holding company in such a scenario.

Indigenisation may not be possible to be achieved in the stipulated timeframe?

The time frame stipulated for Indigenisation is considered adequate.

Certain critical technologies may not be Indigenised. MoD to lay down the max indigenisation aimed for?

Complete indigenisation of critical technologies is aimed at and considered possible.

If the Indian company exports ammunition manufactured after obtaining ToT from a foreign country, permission by that country should be obtained before such import to a third party?

Provision for export has been included to enhance commercial viability of proposal from the vendors‟ perspective. Bidders shall be free to export subject to other export related rules and regulations of the Govt provided stipulations on this subject as mentioned in the RFP are met. As the govt has no liability in the ToT agreement between the Indian company and its foreign ToT partner, any permission to export to a third party may be obtained by the Indian company from the foreign OEM.

Can the Army provide storage space for one/two year stock of ex import components?


Can a PPP model with DRDO or OFB be utilised for this project?

No PPP model is visualised for the implementation of this project. However, vendors are free to obtain ToT from any partner including OFB, DRDO etc without any liability of the Govt.

Can the facilities of DGQA be utilised for internal validation. Will DGQA certify the ammunition so evaluated?

Chemical / environmental tests must be undertaken by vendors in their static test facilities, if such facilities are available. Else, NABL accredited labs may be used and certification provided during trials. Facilities of DGQA can be utilised for internal trials on payment by vendors as per existing policy of DGQA on the subject. No certification shall be provided by DGQA for any internal trials carried out at DGQA test facilities.

Is OEM certificate required at the time of trials or at the time of signing of contract?

The OEM certificate is required to be submitted along with the NCNC samples at the time of trials

Can an improved product be offered for trials?

YES. An improved product can be offered for trial evaluation. The bidder shall be required to certify that the ammunition offered for trial is compatible and safe to be fired from In Service equipment. This certificate shall be rendered with the technical bid itself. Cost of any damages incurred as a result of these trials will be borne by vendors.

Can Army provide storage facilities for amn to be offered for trials?

The Army shall not provide any storage facilities for trial samples before the time stipulated for submission of such samples for trials. After the date of submission of trial samples for trials, these samples shall be housed under the arrangement of DGQA as per the existing procedure of trial evaluation.

Can amn for trials be shipped directly from OEM for trials?


More clarity on details of Reliability Model for Shelf Life assessment is required. What tests will be conducted to assess shelf life?

A certificate from OEM`s QA Agency regarding details of reliability model should be submitted along with Technical Bid. ISAT Test as per JSG 01 02 B shall be conducted to assess Shelf Life by DGQA.

Deliveries may be accepted every month after initial supplies after six monthsrather than as per the delivery schedule included in the RFP?

No change to the delivery schedule mentioned in the RFP is feasible as the same is based on administrative necessities of the Army and DGQA.

Number of ammunition required for Trial Eval to be specified?

Number of Amn/ fuzes required for DGQA trials is specified in RFP. Requirement of ammunition for User Trials will be specified in the corrigendum.

Will JRI involve functional checking of ammunition?

Functional check will be part of PDI only. JRI will involve quantity check and documentation check only

What is the latest vintage of amn acceptable for PDI and JRI?

The amn should have been manufactured after signing of contract and not more than 12 months old at the time of PDI

Modalities of ATP should be clarified?

ATP will be finalised during CNC stage and included in contract.-ATP will be submitted by L1 vendor within a week of being declared L1. It should be on IS 2500 for Sampling Inspection and must cover visual inspection, gauging, static tests, dynamic firing clearly stating lot sizes. Acceptance Quality List and Defect Classification List should be included in the ATP submitted by the vendor. DGQA may modify the ATP submitted by the vendor. Mutually agreed ATP shall be included in the contract

Details of PDI may be clarified?

PDI will be undertaken in three stages (Final Acceptance Inspection, Selection of Proof Samples and Dynamic Proof). See the RFP for details.

Modalities of calculation of Net present Value may be elaborated?

Calculation of Net Present Value as elaborated in Para 13.6 (Page 130-131) of DPM 2009. Discounted Cash Flow method (DCF) is a method of Investment appraisal where today's cash outflows are compared to today‟s cash inflows.

Will Exchange Rate Variation be compensated by the Govt?

The NPV concept subsumes the exchange rate variation.

Can Bank Guarantee be acceptable in place of stock of ex import components?

The suggestion to accept a Bank Guarantee in place of one year's stock of ex import components was deliberated during the RFI stage. The same was considered unacceptable from the users perspective and therefore not included in the RFP

 Ownership Rights Clause to be removed?

Ownership Rights clause has been included as DGQA shall be the Authority Holding Sealed Particulars (AHSP) of ammunition supplied by the successful bidder. All drawings shall be submitted to DGQA after signing of contract. The same shall be required for the DGQA to carry out its activities as the AHSP of the ammunition. However, these drawings and specifications shall not be shared with a third party and the Intellectual Property Rights of the vendor shall be protected.

Licensing and Permits be provided by MoD?

All permits and licenses to be able to supply the ammunition as included in the RFP shall have to be obtained by vendors as per existing laws on the subject under their own arrangements. MoD shall facilitate the process by coordinating between various ministries of the Govt and between Central and State Govt if required and felt necessary.

Can copies of GSQR/ GSPS and Range Tables referred in the RFP be provided?

No. These are confidential documents and cannot be shared. Further It is felt that there is no requirement of sharing GSQR/GSPS as the relevant details are included in Technical Specifications of the ammunition mentioned in the RFP

Can the qty being contracted apportioned between two or more vendors due to capacity constraints?

Bidders are expected to bid only if they have requisite capacity as per bid qty. No apportionment shall be allowed

Duration of contract may be reduced from 10 years to five years to cater for technological changesin these five years?

Provision for a ten years contract has been included in the RFP to enhance the commercial viability of the project from the vendors‟ perspective. No change to contract duration is considered necessary

How many sets of technical literature will be required for each ammunition?

Minimum six sets in Hindi as well as English will be required. The same will be clarified in the corrigendum

RFPs for 40 mm MGL and UBGL amn should be segregated?

The recommendation is not agreed to

RFP of 23 mm HEIT/APIT and 30 mm HEI/HET amn should be combined?

The recommendation is not agreed to

Can Minutes of Steering Committee meeting held on 09 Feb 17 be provided?

These cannot be shared being internal confidential documents of the MoD

If a bidder is bidding for only three ammunitions, is priority still required to be indicated?


Can a bidder bid for part quantity or part variants of an RFP?

A bidder has to bid for entire quantity and for all variants of an RFP

Can a company that has not got an Explosive Manufacturing License but has applied for the same submit a bid?

YES. Yes, the company may submit the bid. However, the company must have all the requisite licenses before the signing of the contract.

Electronic Fuzes For Arty

Representatives of BEL and ECIL have been included as representatives of vendors in the composition of the evaluation team?

DPSUs and PSUs have been allowed to participate in the bidding process. The evaluation team will include representatives of all vendors who submit their bids.

Humidity has been shown in degrees?

Relative Humidity is measured in Percentage. This is a typographical error. It shall be corrected in the corrigendum

Which Mil Std shall be applied for Jumble Test?

MIL STD 331 B (Test A1 and A2) Latest Edition shall be applied for Jumble Test

Qty of Fuze Setter to be provided has not been included in the RFP?

Fuze Setter M15 A2 (Ex ECIL) is the In Service fuze of Army. The number of fuze setters to be provided shall be included in the corrigendum

Is the time for PD Delay mode 0.4 Secs or 0.04 secs. Both figures are mentioned at different places?

This is a typographical error. PD Delay mode is 0.04 sec (minimum). Necessary amendment shall be included in the corrigendum

Is PD Delay mode required in 105 mm Proximity Fuze?

This is a typographical error. Necessary correction will be included in corrigendum

Is PDSQ Mode required in proximity fuze as back up?

YES. Necessary correction will be included in corrigendum

Is Electronic Fuze Timed (T2) for 130 mm correctly included?

The requirement is of Electronic Fuze Timed (T3) for 155 mm Gun. Necessary correction will be included in corrigendum

Min and Max temp for usage and storage needs to be clarified?

It shall be provided by the User Directorate of Army HQ and included in the RFP in the corrigendum

Capacity Fuze Setting may be clarified?

The Capacity Fuze setting is 3 sec to 199.9 sec with 0.1 sec increment

Clarity is required regarding fuze dimensions?

Fuze dimensions have been given for information. Thread dimension and intrusion dimension are to be maintained for assembly with shells

PDSQ criteria may be clarified?

PDSQ criteria includes impact at 10 to 90 degrees, at 180 m/s in a time of 100 ms.

What is the weight and COG of Fuzes?

Details are as under (in mm)         

 What is the Fuze Arming time?

Fuzes should not be armed before 500 ms by either electronic or mechanical means

What is the In Service eqpt for different calibres?

Gun 105 mm IFG/LFG Gun 130 mm M46 Gun BOFORS 155 mm FH77B (39 cal) Gun SOLTAM 155 mm (45 cal).

What is the Fuze well size for 105 and 130 mm fuzes?

As under

125 mm FSAPDS for Tank T 72 / T 90

How will consistency of the amunition be checked?

Consistency will be checked at a range of 2000 M. Rounds will be conditioned at -40˚ C, +50˚ C, +15˚ C for 48 hrs each.

How will chamber pressure be checked?

Chamber pressure will be checked using Copper Crusher rounds and Internal Peizo Gauges

Range Table upto 4500 M be provided?

Range Table upto 3000M above MSL is available and can be provided by DGQA.

Compliance to rotary conveyer, storage racks and locking arrangements be provided?

These specifications are held with CQA (AV). Will be incl in the corrigendum

RFP mentions a shelf life of 15 years. In Service shelf life is 10 years?

Necessary clarification will be included in the corrigendum

What is HSD and VSD?

Horizontal Std Deviation and Vertical Std Deviation are consistency parameters to be checked at 2000 M using Hessian Cloth target as per ATP using 07 rounds excluding warmer round. Details are as under:-



Clarify if the In-Service specification of BMCS are of BMCS supplied by M/S Nexter or M/S Denel?

In Service specs are of M/S Denel. Ammunition conforming to Nexter specifications may also be offered for trials.

Clarity on length of each module and Loading tray be provided?

Each module should be loadable in 155 mm Guns with 39 and 45 mm cal. Length of 05 modules is 755 mm. Length of six modules is 902 mm. Length of loading tray is 904 mm

What is the Max Range with Base Bleed amn with Highest Z possible?

  • LZ Max Rg should be ≥13 KM
  • HZ Max Rg should be ≥28.5 KM for 155 x 39 cal
  • HZ Max Rg should be ≥37 KM for 155 x 45 cal

40 m MGL/UBGL Amn

What is the average velocity of 40 mm HEAP Ammunition?

Average velocity should be 76 ±3 m/s and deviation should not be more than 1.6 m/s

What is the SD time of 40 mm VOG 25 Ammunition?

14 to 19 secs

Where is the Proof Test facilities for 40 mm Amn available?

Proof test facilities are available at SQAE(A) & LPR Khamaria (Jabalpur)

What is the sample size of physical parameter check and gauging check for VOG 25 Ammunition?

For physical check 20 Nos and for gauging 100%

What is the Shelf Life of the Ammunition?

10 Years. Mentioned as 15 years at one place in RFP due to typographical error. Necessary amendment will be included in the corrigendum

What is the length, weight and operating temp of 40 mm Ammunition?

As under

Clarity on Probable Lateral and Distance Deviation, dimensions and op temp of Ammunition?

Probable lateral deviation Bc ≤3.4 and ratio between probable Distance deviation Bb and the Mean firing distance Xmean is Bb /Xmean ≤1/66.

What is the Shelf Life of the Ammunition?

10 Years.

What is the Shelf Life of the Amn?

10 Years. Mentioned as 15 years at one place in RFP due to typographical error. It shall be amended in the corrigendum.

23 mm HEIT/ APIT Amn

Can an improved version of Fuze MG 25 be offered for trials?

YES. Fuze MG 25 or any improved version may be offered along with a certificate of conformity with in service equipment.

Muzzle Velocity of both variants be clarified?

For HEIT Amn MV mean is 970 ± 15 m/s and SD time is 5.4 to 11secs For APIT Amn MV mean is 970 ± 15 m/s and Tracer bullet time is not less than 5.4 secs.

30 mm HEIT/ APIT Amn

Will change in vendor base necessitate fresh trials?

If a process change is involved a pilot sample will be put through proof check to ascertain conformity to in service specifications

What is the Muzzle Velocity Mean?

960 m/s ± 10 m/s (for a group of rounds) Probable error for a group of rounds ≤ 5 m/s

What will be the sample size of checking safety and functioning?

32 Rounds

What will be the sample size for visual inspection, dimension and weight inspection?

HEI 230 rounds HET 250 rounds

What are the specification governing air tightness of containers?

As per Test no 9P/Part II of specification JSG 0102 or as specified by OEM

122 mm GRAD ER Rocket


What is the Operating Temp of the ammunition?

-30˚ C to + 50˚C

What is the Max Range with and without Brake Ring?

Max range without Brake Ring 40 KM. Min Range without brake Ring 15 KM Min range with Brake Ring 8 KM. Consistency check will be at 80% of max range i.e 32 KM Due to proof range restrictions firing at max range may not be possible. Hence max range will be checked at max range available at proof range.

[Issue: 1, January-February 2018]

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