DefenceProAc (DPA) interacted with JØRN HENRIK LEVY RASMUSSEN, Senior Vice President, Market Development, Terma AS, Denmark on the sidelines of DefExpo-2018. Some Excerpts—

DPA: First-of-all congratulations for winning a contract in partnership with Tata Group to execute Indian Navy's Surface Surveillance Radar (SSR) project with SCANTER 6002 type. This indeed will help India to achieve self-reliance in defence manufacturing and production in the Radar field. Please, can you brief us on the company capabilities, work culture and philosophy?

JHLR: Operating in the niche domain of Aerospace, Defense, and Security sector, Terma supports, OEM, Customers, and partners all over the world. We develop and manufacture mission-critical products and solutions that meet our customers' needs and requirements. The company specializes in major engineering areas, i.e., systems engineering, electronics engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering, and mechatronics design. We have vast experience with integration of numerous different subsystems and sensors across various platforms and provide tailored support, training, and maintenance solutions through local support centers.

Terma has facilities and offices in Denmark,  The U.S., The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK, UAE, and India, with 1400 persons on roll and turnover of over $300 million and 10-15% growthYoY.

We strongly believe that with lives and valuable material assets at stake, you need to trust the capabilities of your supplier of critical systems.

DPA: Terma business is spread in which all technology segments and existing product portfolios?

JHLR: With a focus on niche technology Terma is mostly in strategic partnership with OEMs in following sectors:-

Surveillance & Mission Systems

  • Radar and Naval Solutions and Critical Infrastructure Protection


  • Advanced Aero-structures Composites
  • Self-Protection Systems and EW
  • Electronics Manufacturing Services


  • A key component of Power supply in Space Missions and Ground Segment and Specialist Services

Terma is a leader within Airborne and Naval Self-Protection technology and sees this segment as a natural growth area. For e.g. we supply Self-Protection suites to fighters, helicopters, and transport aircraft including P-8i, C-130J, F-16s and are subsystem supplier to Lockheed Martin& Boeing in the U.S.

DPA: What is your assessment of the Indian industry capability to take up the challenge?

JHLR: We see Indian industry as capable and ready to take on the challenges faced by developing economies. We consider ourselves as Allies in innovation and our promise to support our customers and partners in developing advanced yet affordable solutions to today's civilian and military security challenges.

DPA: TERMA has been exporting defence surveillance and mission systems world over. What are the recent supplies made to India in association with Public and Private sector? What are your experience and views on dealing with them?

JHLR: We have the existing partnership with BEL and they have good engineering capability and have rich experience of customer service due to their long association and dealing with Indian MoD.

DPA: Does the company have any collaboration/MoU/JV with Indian firm(s) for co-production or co-development?

JHLR: The private sector being a new entrant in defence manufacturing is building up capabilities in the segment and sure to catch up soon. We have, as of now a partnership with Tata Advanced Systems Ltd (TASL) for Surface Surveillance Radar (SSR) for Indian Navy and as a subsystem supplier to Tata Power SED for MAFI project of Indian Air Force. Our strategy is apparently to build technical capability not only on our own but with partner network as well. The natural outcome of this kind of partnership is that we focus not solely on sales but for delivery of quality of service and full customer satisfaction.

DPA: Is the company engaged in research and development activities and which are the emerging focus areas?

JHLR: Our Research and Development activities are spread in many ways. We have our own professional teams, and we also work closely with Universities by sponsoring research work in Engineering and Ph.d. Programs. We are also partners in a number of international development programs.

DPA: What are the plans of the company related to expanding footprints in India?

JHLR: Terma develops products and systems for defense, civilian authorities, and security applications, including command and control systems, radar systems, and self-protection systems for aircraft, space technology, and advanced aero-structures for the aircraft industry.

Terma has a leading position in Surface Movement Radar with over 75-80% of market share in the commercial segment. With the exponential growth in Air travel market and seen in the context of new initiatives like UDAAN, we see excellent opportunities to work with Indian industry for development of small airport infrastructure.

DPA: Would you like to comment on the Indian procurement Process? What more according to you Indian Government should do to make it contented?

JHLR: All Countries have their own procurement process, and they are shaped differently. Firstly, the Indian market is significant in terms of spread and segments. Hence they have to have a well documented and streamlined procurement process. Secondly, we firmly believe the customer is always right and has to have the process where his interest is safeguarded.

The acquisition process, more than the price negotiation takes time, but from their perspective, it is natural for a country like India to seek a reasonable price discovery. Once again I reiterate that we are here not only for selling but to deliver quality service and to work with public and private industry to build up a world class defence industry in India.

DPA : John thanks a lot for takingout time to share your views and information.

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