Special Transporters by TII: Nothing is Impossible

The TII Group is global market leader for special-purpose vehicles for aerospace industry. NASA, the American space agency, trusts the reliable transportation systems of the group just as much as many international airports where the aircraft tractors of the TII Group do their required tasks on the airfields. Navigating satellites, missiles or spaceships to the launching pad, pulling rocket engines, stages, tanks into the production halls and positioning them with highest precision at their place of assembly, shunting whole assembly groups such as wing units and fuselage for the manufacture of aircraft, recovering and transporting damaged aircrafts or bringing aircrafts to their take-off position or manoeuvring them into the hangar – aerospace industry is about moving and positioning highly sensitive loads safely and accurately.

Air and Space Transportation

The group has set internationally recognised standards with their innovative solutions. The high-quality transportation systems have been designed for high payloads. They are based on tried and tested, patented technologies which have been developed by the TII Group. Experienced specialist engineers further develop the vehicle solutions regarding application-specific requirements in close cooperation with the space agencies, airlines along with ground and service personnel. The result is high-performing and operator-friendly tailored designs and innovative special vehicles which fulfil their logistical tasks reliably and with high precision. Here, we pay particular attention to the ergonomic aspects as well as cost-effectiveness, maintenance, reliable provision of spare parts and technical support.

Rocket Transporter on Tight curves

Construction machines, turbines, heavy transformers or oversize and heaviest plant components – heavy duty transportation on public roads means a daily challenge for logistics specialist and heavy duty freight haulers. Tight curves, steep inclines, highly frequented motorways, bridges, subways, narrow streets in villages and towns have to be negotiated, and adjustments made to suit uneven ground conditions. With its flexible vehicle concepts, the TII Group offers standardized and individual solutions for transportation tasks in order to move loads from 50 tons up to several thousand tons of transported weight on public roads.

Heavy Duty Transportation on Public Roads

Products from the TII Group ensure that these exceptional logistical performances can be planned with great certainty due to their high reliability, and thus turn the entrepreneurial risk of long-distance transportation into a calculable event for the customer.

The broad product range of the TII Group includes series featuring compact fifth wheel semi-trailers that can be given an international licence as well as different types of modular platform trailers with a range of load-bearing capacities, platform heights and vehicle widths, also adaptable to the relevant country-specific regulations. In order to optimise the payload of the technical and approval-specific maximum load-bearing capacity of the axles, the focus of the development is on a possibly lightweight construction type whilst retaining the rigid main beams. The basis for the road-traffic solutions of the TII Group is the hydraulically supported pendulum axle, which was designed by SCHEUERLE in 1956, and which has revolutionised heavy duty transportation ever since its market launch. It allows for an even distribution of the payload on several axles by forming so-called support groups. Uneven ground conditions can be compensated for up to 650 mm and more. Here the hydraulic pendulum axle is particularly road-friendly. The all-wheel steering with a large steering angle guarantees the best possible manoeuvrability of the heavy duty transport vehicles.

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