Make-II Makes a Move

By Team Q-Tech 

The Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM) in collaboration with CII is conducted the Indian Army MAKE Seminar 2018 at the behest of the Indian Army on Monday, 29 October 2018.  The Key speakers were Dr. Ajay Kumar, Secretary (DP), Lt Gen Devraj Anbu Vice Chief of the Army Staff, Lt Gen SS Hasabnis, Deputy Chief of the Army Staff (P&S) and Maj Gen A.K. Channan, ADG PP (B) besides other key speakers from industry. Number of companies joined the interactive panel discussions.

This focus was on Make -II procedure for ideation between Indian Army, academia and Industry to take this process forward and which shortens timelines. Also to solicits a wider vendor base through provisions for `Suo Moto' proposals by the Industry.

MAKE-II Procedure

The broad Contours of the process are as under:-

  • Provision to accept suo-moto proposals from individuals/industry.
  • As many Development Agencies as who qualify. However, no reimbursement of development costs.
  • Proposals up to Rs. 150 Cr deemed to be automatically included in Annual Acquisition Plan.
  • Project Sanction Oder to be compulsorily followed by commercial RFP to all successful Development Agencies.

As many as 21 proposals of the Indian Army are in various stages of progress since 2016.

Ongoing Make-II  Projects

  • 125mm Smooth Bore Barrel for Tanks
  • AFV Protection and Counter Measure System
  • Multi Target Tracking System for Tanks
  • 3rd Gen Missile for 125mm Gun Barrels
  • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)
  • Environmental Cont Unit
  • 1200-1500 HP Engine for Tanks
  • Electronics Fuse Tech for Rockets
  • 1000 HP Engine
  • Light Weight Body Armour
  • Robotic Surveillance Platform
  • Pre fragmented programmable Proximity Fused Ammunition

Suo Moto Proposals Approved

There are nine more proposals including some Suo Moto Proposals which have been approved. The details of requirements, such as main equipment, end use, broad specifications, enabling technologies, estimated long-term quantity, anticipated time lines for projects, etc., of these identified projects, shall be presented by the Army.

  • Rectifier cum Accumulator for Armoured Vehicles
  • 3 rd Generation Anti-Tank Guided Missile
  • Combat Freefall System
  • Terminally Guided Munitions
  • Fuel Cell Based Battery Charger
  • 120mm Extended Range Mortar Ammunition
  • RPAS Full Mission Simulator
  • Augmented Reality Based Head Mounted Display System
  • GPS/GIS Minefield Recording System

Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX)

Defence Innovation Organization(DIO) has been incorporated as a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation with HAL and BEL as its founding members. All nine DPSUs will be encouraged to become members of DIO. DIO has an initial corpus of Rs 100 crores and will basically fund and manage the Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX). It is aimed at creation of an ecosystem to foster innovation and technology development in Defence and Aerospace by engaging Industries including MSMEs, Startups, Individual Innovators, R&D institutes and Academia and provide them grants/funding and other support to carry out R&D which has good potential for future adoption for Indian defence and aerospace needs.Some of the projects under the schemes are as under:-

A vibrant defence industry is a crucial component of effective defence capability, and to achieve national sovereignty and military superiority. The diffusion of military and dual use technology is required for both disruptive and capability-based incremental innovation defence capabilities. The Indian defence production base has never focused on design and development and thus has been unable to develop capabilities and produce competitive indigenously designed Weapons. However the present Indian govt's focus is on the imperative needs of India's military modernisation and the creation of a world-class defence industry by enhancing defence manufacturing in India under Make-in-India initiative.

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