France orders MBDA’s MMP missile

The French army procurement agency (DGA) has notified to MBDA France, a contract for development and manufacturing of the medium range Missile Moyenne Portee (MMP) destined to replace the currently used MILAN missiles. Under the DGA contract, MBDA will provide the army with 400 launchers and 2,850 missiles. The first 175 launchers and 450 missiles will be delivered by 2019. The missiles will be used by the ground forces and special force units of the French Army. With a maximum range of 4000m and weight of 15kg (inclusive of tube), the MMP is a light weight, multirole, man-portable fire-and-forget missile with the option to keep a man 'in the loop'. It can be installed on tracked and wheeled vehicles and is capable of destroying both stationary and moving targets.


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