Raytheon GroundEye tactical C-IED capability

The UK Company, Raytheon is preparing to disclose its handheld tactical improvised explosive devices (IED) confirm/diagnose system for dismounted soldiers and small- to medium-sized unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). The system, known as GroundEye enables the user to view near real-time high-definition imagery of the exact position, orientation, size, and shape of all individual components of an emplaced or suspected IED. According to Raytheon, its detection capability includes all current improvised pressure plates (high, medium, low, and zero metal content), battery packs, and main charges. Moreover the system allows the user to make key operational decisions such as 'mark and avoid', 'disarm and remove', or 'destroy' without breaking the ground, or using any probing or other ground invasive confirm/diagnose techniques. Imagery of the IED and its components generated by GroundEye is viewed on a tactical mobile display, such as a smartphone, and stored and fully geo-tagged for full after-action review and intelligence gathering activities.


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