India, US hold 9th DTTI meet

During the 9th meeting of India-US Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI), a joint Statement of Intent (SoI) that formalized their intention to co-develop a range of cutting-edge war fighting technologies and systems has been signed on 24 Oct 2019. The projects include three short-term projects, two mid-term projects and two long-term projects for co development.

The short -term projects are:-

  • Air-launched, small UAS.
  • Lightweight small arms technology project building rifles, carbines and machine guns and Ammunition from lightweight polymer cast material.
  • Intelligence, surveillance, targeting and reconnaissance (ISTAR) a command and control software that enables coherent battlefield command.

The mid-term projects are:-

  • Maritime domain awareness is termed “Sea Link Advanced Analysis.
  • Virtual augmented mixed reality for aircraft maintenance (VAMRAM).

The long-term projects are:-

  • Terrain-shaping obstacles increasing the lethality of traditional obstacles such as mines and barbed wire.
  • Counter UAS rocket artillery and mortar” or CU-RAM.
  • Apart from the above there are other areas as well in which both the nations have cooperated includes “Aircraft carrier technology cooperation (ACTC), co-development of Raven micro-UAS; mission-specific interiors for C-130J Super Hercules aircraft; a mobile electric-hybrid power source, and protective clothing for soldiers in a nuclear contaminated battlefield have not made any headway. The collaboration on developing high-performance, aerospace jet engines has now been scrapped.

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