Army Make-II Projects 2019

MSMEs across the globe have in many ways been the drivers of change and innovative solutions. Make-II projects are ideal for engaging the Industry, MSMEs and start-ups into the defence manufacturing ecosystem.

Indian Army organised a seminar on its Make-II Projects  2019 on 11 Oct 2019 in Association with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) to facilitate open dialogue between the Indian Army and private defence manufacturers. Indian Army has embarked on a massive indigenization programme under the Government's flagship scheme 'Make in India' to boost the country's manufacturing sector. Indian Army listed more than a dozen requirements before the private defence manufacturers to come up with the unique and cost effective indigenous solutions. The following projects were unveiled:

  • AFV Protection and Counter Measure System
  • Robotic Surveillance System
  • Truck Mounted Crane for ULH Regiment
  • Mountain Fire Control Radar
  • HF Software Defined Radio
  • VHF Software Defined Radio
  • Portable Helipad
  • Armament Upgrade for BMP 2/2K
  • Integrated Air Defence Combat Simulator (IADCS)
  • Air Def Unit Level Sys (AMOGH)
  • Mobile Integrated Network Terminal (MINT)
  • Pre-Fragmented Programmable Proximity Fuze Ammunition
  • Terminally Guided Ammunition
  • 120mm ER Ammunition

The project officers of Indian Army held discussions with the industry participants on requirements including AFV protection and counter measure suit for its tank columns, robotic surveillance platform, truck mounted crane for ULH regiments, mountain fire control radars, extended range ammunition for mortars, software defined radio and portable helipad, upgrade 1,000 and more than 1,200 horse power engines for its T-72 and T-90 main battle tanks among other things.

Defence industry leaders also highlighted that MSMEs across the globe have in many ways been the drivers of change and innovative solutions. Hence, there is need to engage the industry, MSMEs and start-ups into the defence manufacturing ecosystem. Further, there is also urgent requirement for indigenization of defence production to reduce reliance on imports and to have an edge over the country's enemies. The Government must keep in mind that in MAKE-II, the risk is with the industry and not with the services. Industry concerns have also been taken into consideration and demystifying of work processes will come only through interactions.

Change in Procurement Procedure

'Make II' category revised Procurement Procedure, will now allow the Defence Ministry to accept proposals from the Industry and also allow start-ups to develop equipment for the Indian Armed Forces. Now, all vendors meeting the relaxed eligibility criteria will be allowed to participate in the prototype development process. The vendor will not be required to submit a Detailed Project Report. After accord of approval of the 'Make II' project by the council, all clearances will be accorded at Service HQ (SHQ) level.

Details of project unveiled at the seminar is given at https://www.makeinindiadefence.gov.in/projects/index/2

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