Emerging Opportunities in Indian Defence

India's modernization drive of its armed forces and the lack of domestic capabilities to keep pace with the requirements of the forces, would ensure that India remains a buyer's market for some time to come. The book “EMERGING OPPORTUNITIES IN INDIAN DEFENCE ACQUISITIONS”, strings together the proposed capital procurements, including Homeland Security, over the next decade and a half.

Besides outlining the various technology and capability required, value has been added to every proposal keeping in mind the overall demand, the wastage and technology obsolescence. Service-wise RFIs since 2009 have been included - an excellent vista for those in the field and willing to play the waiting game.

The publication will be of interest to:

  • Defence Original Equipment Manufacturers.
  • Corporate India.
  • Small and Medium Companies from the
  • Defence and Aerospace sector.
  • Banks and Financial Institutions

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#List of Chapters
Chapter I:    Indian Defence Industrial Capability Overview
Chapter II:  Defence Product Technology Gap & Market Potential
Chapter III:  Land Systems
Chapter IV:  Aerospace Platforms
Chapter V:  Naval Platforms
Chapter VI:  Homeland Security
Chapter VII:  Miscellaneous 
List of figuresList of figures
Defence budget   Indian domestic market size
Sector contribution GDP 2010-11

Imports Vs market opportunities
Indian imports & exports Domestic market share public Vs private
OFB & DPSU production Indian defence vista (2012-17) 
Assessment based on product technology Breakdown-Land, Aerospace & Maritime System Programme Schedule HCV
Manufacturing productivity across sector Market size – electronic fuse
Roadmap defence policies Induction/De-induction aerospace programme
Indian defence offset (2007-2012) Projected air force fleet 2030
Offset market potential and road map 1000+helicopter by 2020
Sector & industry spread Army’s UAV roadmap
Amount spend on foreign procurements (in $ Bn) Homeland security key areas
Total imports by India – category wise (1997-2011) Projected budget paramilitary force
Service wise capital expenditure 2012-27 ($ Bn)
Market share Aviation, Surveillance & Biometric
Anticipated defence expenditure technology / platform
List of TablesList of Tables
Design spread of armament product

AWACS Current Platform
Existing inventory combat vehicles

Present helicopter Fleet service-wise
Timelines combat systems, aircrafts, helicopters, UAVs & Arms and ammunition

Existing UAV inventory Service-wise
Artillery modernization plan Indigenous UAV programme
Air defence inventory Ship building programme ongoing and in future
Existing inventory ATGMs

Projected HLS market
Existing inventory combat & Tpt aircrafts

CBR threat
Trainer aircraft inventory
NVD Market


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