Indian Defence Aero Platforms Production & Procurement Compendium 2015-2016

Release of CII - Q-Tech Synergy new publication   “Indian Defence Aero Platforms Production & Procurement Compendium 2015-2016”  by Hon. Defence Minister at Aero-India 2015.

Release of CII - Q-Tech Synergy new publication
“Indian Defence Aero Platforms Production & Procurement Compendium 2015-2016”
by Hon. Defence Minister at Aero-India 2015.

India’s desire for a modern, self-reliant and leading edge defence sector is a key tenet for the transformation of its armed forces. India is likely to spend about $200 Billion by 2027 for capital procurement. This ensures that India remains the fastest growing defence market, a position which it has held over the last few years. The compendium is a first ever ready- reckoner for the stakeholders in Defence Production & Procurement mainly in Aero systems segment, more so taking into perspective the growth of the Indian economy and current market dynamics. The compilation provides brief background, existing holdings, capability gap and likely projections of the Indian Army’s and Para Military Forces requirements, highlighting the indigenous production infrastructure and how these gaps can be bridged. The compilation has the existing inventory, TPCR, planned replacement programmes of Aero systems such as fighters, trainers, helicopters, transport aircraft, UAVs, engines, avionics, weapons and system equipment including design, manufacture and overhaul and so on, besides the market size. These have been elucidated with the help of Charts, Figures and Tables drawn from primary and secondary sources and interpolated carefully. The compendium is compiled in three parts as under:


Part-I Procurement Management & Decision Makers

Chapter – I Program Management

Chapter – II Acquisition Process and its Management


Part-II The Aerospace Platforms Profile & Projections

Chapter – III Existing Capabilities

Chapter – IV Air Craft Programme

CHAPTER – V Helicopters

Chapter – VI Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Chapter – VII   MRO for Air Platforms

Chapter – VIII   Miscellaneous


Part-III- Energizing Aerospace Industry

Chapter-IX The Aerospace Industrial Base

Chapter-X Energizing Aerospace Industry


Key highlights are:

  • The Defence industry in India is poised at an inflection point in its expansion cycle driven by the modernisation plans, the increased focus on security, and India’s growing attractiveness as a ‘home market’ defence sourcing hub.
  • The compendium briefly mentions about Indian defence structure, organizations, stakeholders and the related processes from programme management to RFI stage and beyond.
  • Government’s slow but steady endeavor as building blocks to incentivize the growth of a domestic defence industry.
  • The need for technology in aero systems and emerging opportunities for the industries.
  • Summary of RFIs and RFPs issued since 2009 onward and progress on projects.
  • The IL issued till date and JV between Foreign OEM and Indian companies and product segment.
  • The mapping Offset policy, its implementation and its implications on capabilities.
  • Defence Industrial base, defence public sectors, private sectors in defence and product domain.
  • Future outlook from policy perspective and resource allocation.

The growing domestic market offers opportunities both to foreign and Indian players with a shift from Buyer-Seller relationship to one of partnership. The impact of the new initiatives, prioritisation of acquisition categories and the Production policy will enable Indian industries to acquire technology, foster Joint venture and collaboration with foreign OEMs and manufacture the product in India.


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