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Emerging Opportunities in Indian Defence

India's modernization drive of its armed forces and the lack of domestic capabilities to keep pace with the requirements of the forces, would ensure that India remains a buyer's market for some time to come. The book “EMERGING OPPORTUNITIES IN INDIAN DEFENCE ACQUISITIONS”, strings together the proposed capital procurements, including Homeland Security, over...

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Capital Acquisation in Indian Defence

The guide aims to provide all the basic references in context of acquisitions in simple terms, along with practical information, with specific focus on financial aspects. The coverage include role of Defence Finance, involvement in the procurement cycle and as also on all the financial complexities of defence procurements including RFP responses have been...

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Indian Naval – Production & Procurement Compendium 2013-14

Q-Tech Synergy with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has undertaken to bring together the production and acquisition issues in the Indian Naval segment and the opportunities which would accrue over the LTIPP period (2012-2027) due to the modernisation efforts. Professional experience of experts have added value to issues considered in the compendium, thus...

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